My name is Emi. I have 3 kids but only one has food allergies (peanuts and most tree nuts, but we avoid all tree nuts). We still avoid peanuts and tree nuts for our other kids because we decided our household would be "nut free" and the kids don't go to public school. I just found this site and already have learned so much and found foods that I didn't know were safe (don't worry, I called the companies before I gave them to my kids).

------------------ mom of three: one PA and TNA other two: no known allergies Living in the US

On Aug 1, 2005

Hi and welcome to the board. Glad to hear you've been looking around here and found some safe stuff.

Just be sure to double check that the information you are reading is US. Sometimes a company labels differently in different countries.

On Aug 26, 2005

Hi Emi, happy to hear that your household is nut free. So is ours. My 7 year old son is allergic to peanuts and some treenuts. I could never understand why some people would still have them in the house knowing the harm it could do to a family member. That's great that your other children are not PA/TNA. I was very relieved to find out that my younger daughter was not allergic to nuts. Just to let you know our experience with some nut free products, we tried Sunbutter and though my son didn't care for it, my husband and I enjoyed it. It's made from sunflower seeds. We had tried Soy Nut Butter in the past and didn't care for it. A couple of days ago I ordered peanut/nut free candy (Kit Kats, Smarties, Aero Bars and Coffee Crisp) for the first time ,from Canada. They are not here yet but hopefully they will be good. Nestle Canada makes them. My son is so excited at the thought of chocolate bars he can eat. Up til now a regular Hershey bar was all I could find that was safe. We love them and all, but we are a family of chocolholics and it gets a bit boring. Hope some of this info helps.

On Aug 26, 2005

Welcome Emi, Hope all continues to be well on your Pa path.

Just a note that the Nestle candies are DELICIOUS!!! The aero bar is better then most expensive divine candies. & I am a chocolate person. That reminds me I need to order some. Hmmmmmmmm, yep gonna go do that right now. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

Take care, mandi

On Sep 4, 2005

Thanks everyone. Can you give me some more information on where you bought the Canadian candy? I read a few threads on safe Canadian candy but saw that they can't ship from Canada any more. Where can I get some? thank you.

------------------ mom of three: one PA and TNA other two: no known allergies Living in the US

On Sep 4, 2005

US law was changed. If you know someone in Canada they CAN ship pre-packaged candy to you.

If not, you can order some here:


They even have a page for peanut free. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

On Sep 4, 2005

thank you. I do have a few friends from Canada so I'll see if they can send some things.

On Sep 4, 2005

I should have added - tell them to go to a REAL post office to mail it. There are mini-post offices in malls and drug stores, but the people working there do not always know the most current information. They might not know food can be mailed again.

I was told this from an employee of Canada Post.

On Sep 20, 2005

Thank you! I told that to my friend. She stopped at the post office and they said *for now* she can send food but they said it's kind of off and on so they don't know for how much longer. It's still pretty hot here to mail that type of thing so hopefully she'll still be able to mail it in a week or so (I don't want to wait beyond the 1st of october or else it might not get here quick enough).