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Hello all, I'm really glad I found your boards.
My name is Marie-France (M-F for short); my son Jeremy is allergic to peanuts, he is 6 years old. We live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Two years ago I gave my very fussy son a peanut butter cookie, that he helped me bake, hoping to increase his protein intake. He started having stomach cramps and trouble breathing after a few bites. I called his pediatrician and we went to the emergency room.
Today, I was sitting in my kitchen hulling sunflower seeds one by one because I couldn't find some hulled ones that are peanut-free. I thought that if I hull them myself he would be safe. I then changed my mind, after an hour of hulling, and chucked them in the garbage; scrubed the table they were on and my hands. I just wanted to make granola bars for him to take to school. He used to love them but now I can't find panut-free ones. I was on the computer looking for panut-free hulled sunflower seeds when I came across your website.
I am just exhausted and stressed. Everytime the phone rings during the day I think it's the "We had to use the Epipen" call from his school. The school *claims* they are peanut-free but my son was offered a Werther's Original on his first day of school, BY A STAFF MEMBER!!!! I joined the PTA so that I can have some say about school policies.
Jeremy never goes on playdates because other houses are not safe. Forget sleepovers. We don't go on vacation because we don't want to go to restaurants with the kids (too stressful). We will go camping next summer, but you know what that means: Mom still cooks and cleans.
I am so very frustrated my the whole situation. My husband and I never get a break because our families are 2 hours away. I would love to be friends with another "peanut-free" family so we could get some relief once in a while. (We also have a 20 month old daughter.)
Oooof....thanks for letting me vent. I feel better.
I have to go supervise Jeremy's homework and piano practice now, but I will most certainly be back soon to talk with you again.
Thanks for listening (reading [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/wink.gif[/img] )

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