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I asked if there was a chance of cross contamination for their ketchup , and this is the reponse. Heinz is off my list

Because we understand how difficult it is for consumers with food allergies to find 'safe' processed foods, we clearly list the FDA Top 8 Major Allergens on our ingredient panels if they are included in our products.

The FDA specifies the Top 8 Major Allergens are as follows: Soy; Wheat; Peanuts; Eggs; Dairy; Tree Nuts; Shellfish & Crustaceans; and Fish.

Currently, these ingredients are listed specifically within our ingredient statements. They are also called out in bold print underneath the ingredient statement. Older packaging will only reflect these allergens within the ingredient statement itself (rather than reiterating the information in bold print).

Because recipes are not patentable, the terms 'natural flavorings' and 'spices' refers to dried spices which are not disclosed on the label for proprietary reasons. Unfortunately, if you are allergic to an ingredient other than those specifically declared, we are not able to disclose whether your ingredient is being used in the recipe, and therefore suggest that you avoid using this product.

On Apr 21, 2008

Are you avoiding something that isn't in the top 8 they listed? We use Heinz and haven't ever had a problem. Whenever we get fast food and ketchup packets, seems like they are always Heinz.

It is irritating that you can't even call to find out if your allergen is or isn't used in the natural flavorings though. If we had to avoid anything that isn't in the labeling law that would bug me.

On Apr 22, 2008

we have to avoid sesame which is not in the top 8. i believe it is the 9th. kraft and general mills do call out sesame but i am use to reading the labels anyway. i called heinz a few years back and they seemed very knowledgeable. my son eats heinz bagel bites and heinz ketchup.