Healthy/Organic Peanut and TN free products/snacks.

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Anyone have any good suggestions or brand names?

just wrapping my head, heart, and hands aroung this new nut allergy!


On Mar 17, 2008

Hi, Newallergy mom. I suggest you check these by calling the companies yourself - sometimes diff people get diff answers from comapnies. These have only been checked for PA, and a lot of them are local to Northern CA. Are you vegetarian? We use:

Namaste baking mixes - but they are pricey so I mostly bake from scratch now Enjoy life cereal bars and choc chips Gardenburger and Boca Burger Alavarado St Bread Newman's Own Dried Fruit - but NOT their popcorn, which has peanut proteins in the vitamin E :( Amy's froz meals Pacific foods (soups) Sunbutter - they have an organic version, yumm :) expensive :( Equal Exchange Hot Cocoa Mix - but not candy bars Near East rice etc Some Annie's Mac and Cheese etc - check their website for a breakdown of what's OK and what isn't Haig's Hummus (they process TN, though) Annie's NAturals Sauces and dressings Some Edward and Sons stuff - they have a table on their website with what is produced in which facility, very helpful

I hope that helps - let me know what you find out, too! I also use Back to Nature crackers but they are pwned by Kraft and some people are not comfortable with KRaft. We haven't had probs with them.

On Mar 17, 2008

We use many of the items listed by Lindensmom...

in addition I trust: Ragu Organic Pasta sauce Horizon's Dairy Products I am comfortable with the labeling for Kroger's organic store brand "Naturally Preferred." I use alot of their products from sugar to meats to pastas. Pepperidge Farms is Peanut free, but they use other types of nuts. I buy their Old Fashioned Oatmeal Bread and sometimes Goldfish... I am super careful about dessert items, since alot of accidental exposures occur with sweets...We avoid anything chocolate (except for what I make using Vermont Nut Free Chocolate) or anything containing other types of nuts (due to cross contamination concerns). I am comfortable with Sarah Lee cheesecakes, poundcakes, and baked pies. I've called them several times and they seem to be allergy aware.

I know its overwhelming...when my daughter was 1st diagnosed everyone in our family lost weight since I was afraid to fix anything except plain meats, plain veggies, and fruit...It will get easier as you become more experienced and learn what foods are right for your family.

On Mar 18, 2008

Thanks Guys!

I have been using lots of Stonyfield Yogurt-very allergy aware, but no their ice creams/fro yo-as they are made in a seperate plant. Tjs Organic Low Salt Marinara tjs Organic Pastas, fruit spread, whole wheat fiber bread, and Milk and butter Tj's Chicken Drummets and Empanadas Tj's Tabouli and hummus

as for sweets, I am a huge fan of the Divvies cookies...I just wish I could find a coupon code that worked..they are kinda pricey ;(