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We are having trouble finding health insurance for our 21-year-old son now that he is coming off our insurance policy because of the pre-existing condition of his peanut allergy. I wonder if anyone has any information on getting insurance coverage that they could share with us. He has finished college and has taken a 6-month internship with an environmental consulting firm which doesn't provide coverage.

On Jan 24, 2000


You can get info on HIPAA, a law that went into effect in 1996 regarding pre-existing conditions at [url=""][/url] For group insurance coverage an individual cannot be denied coverage if they have had insurance for 12 continuous months and have not been without insurance for more than 63 days. They also cannot charge higher premiums. For individual policies however, the laws vary from state to state. I would check with your State Insurance Commissioner's Office regarding the laws. Good luck.

------------------ Mary Kay