I have the most wonderful news to share with you all My two year old son has outgrew his allergie to peanuts. I am amzed. We left our first allergist only 3 months ago, because she told us he would never outgrow it and we needed to learn to deal with it. I counldn't hear it. I went to Dr. Factor at Ct Asthma and Allergy who at first look wanted to skin test. We said no and went for the blood test again . After hesitating for three weeks we finally went and to our amazement he was a 0 something like .35 which is considered nothing. We made are appointment and he was orally challenged the most terrifying day of my life it took about 2 hours and he passed with flying colors the fed it to him. It has been over a week and we have yet to give it to him. We have let our gaurd down a little, (because he has never had tree nuts) but it just does not seem real. The Dr says he has never heard of anyone getting the allergie again. I am trully grateful that my son has outgrown this allergie , but I trully wish there were more chances. My son was only 9 month with his first reaction he swelled up no hives. I rushed him to the ER and after consulting our first allergist was scared for our lifes. I read all I could , and discovered since he was under 2 and even though his reaction was serious with strict avoidance he had a chance. I began making everything myself, and kept him away from anything that might be cross-contaminated( Thanks to this web I learned not to trust labels) Baby wipes went eveywere I was constanly washing his hands. I made every playmate wash up, and went to parties befor the cake was cut. I can not say with 100% all my over paranoid actions worked. I can just say I will never forget the seriousness of a food allergie. I will do all I can to continue to help find a vaccine. Thank you all , and I will keep everyone in my prayers.

On Nov 14, 2000

WOW! I'm SO happy for your son and your family! This is amazing news! Congratulations! Best wishes! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]


On Nov 14, 2000

That is Super News! You must be so happy!

On Nov 15, 2000

Thank you very much we are extermley happy , but it does not feel real yet. I only wish that everyone could recieve this news.

On Nov 15, 2000

Congratulations! What fantastic news!

On Nov 15, 2000

I can't EVEN imagine what life could be like if my daughter outgrew this allergy!

Amazing! Simply Amazing! PTL!

My 4 yr. old daughter had reactions (just hives, sneezing, and *Major* runny nose)as far back as I could remember but we never knew the cause. It wasn't until she was 2 yrs. old that she ate a tiny PB candy that I figured it out. By that time she her reaction was gagging plus all the above. The next (2) PB reactions happened when someone gave her a PB cookie and she vomited both times. Another time when she was 3 yrs. old my friend (she forgot about her allergy)was watching her and she let her touch PB in a craft (pine cone bird feeder)and her face blew up in hives. If zero reactions is the trick to outgrowing this allergy, well...I guess we don't stand a chance! :-(

ANYWAY...I'm so very happy for you and your son!

On Nov 16, 2000

Diane I wish I had good scientific proof that she had a chance to. When researching this allergie I found a European study that said something like they test 32 under the age of four that didn't have a anaplatic reaction for around 2 years out of those 32 26 ended up outgrowing it. So there is always hope. The Peanut Allergy awareness Center sounds like it is doing some very promising research. I trully hope she outgrows it one day to, or even the chance of become less sensitive to it. Take care

On Nov 17, 2000

Rebecca, I am soooooo happy for you all, and soooooo jealous! My entire life would change if I found out my daughter was no longer allergic! Can I ask you a question? Was your child tested at diagnosis? What were the scores? My daughter tested so high, I'm afraid she'll never outgrow it. Tina

On Nov 17, 2000

Congratulations!!! Good to hear, gives the rest of us hope!

On Nov 17, 2000

Ditto on being jealous! It is good to hear your good news as it gives me new hope that maybe my 2 1/2 year old son will outgrow it yet. He has only had one reaction (the original one) and that was a year ago. I am hoping to make it through another year reaction free so they will re-test him.

On Nov 17, 2000

This is a question for the mom whose child outgrew the allergy (sorry..I forgot the name)..Did your (does your) child have excema? Or asthma? I know that they say that if your child does not have asthma and no other allergies..there is a chance you could outgrow it. My daughter gets excema in the winter (slight case on her legs) and might have exercise induced asthma..don't really know for sure..she is only 19 months old...Just curious about the skin and asthma. How old is your child too? Thanks so much and great to hear your news!!

On Nov 18, 2000

Thank you all so very much. I can understand being jealous because at first I felt guilty. My son was coming out of the allergie ,and so many more will have it for life. To answer your question my son was 9 months old when he grabbed a peanut butter cookie off the table. He was making whimpering sounds and looking very uncomfortable . He could not drink, when I finally figured it out I realized he was beinging to swell lips and eyes. At the hospital about 5 mintues later they immidately took him in and injected him with a predisone I believe. One month later on skin testing the control welt was something like a 8mm and within 60 sec the peanut was 17mm. There was no doubt he was off the charts. He did test neg- to the rest of the legumes. No certain case of asthma at 6 months old he was treated for wheezing with a case of brochitis. I myself have asthma so his chances are higher than normal. As for eczma yes he does get small patches on legs and stomach in the fall to winter months. I also have eczma , and so does my 5 year old non allergic daughter. I really hope this helps. You are all in my prayers.

On Nov 18, 2000

Wow, your child's story sounds exactly like my childs (up to the point of testing negative recently though!). My son, Austin, had his reaction at 1 1/2 years old after eating a peanutbutter cookie too! He also has never been diagosed as asthmatic, but has had illnesses which have included wheezing. He also gets mild eczema in the winter (sometimes blotches by his mouth, but usually dry spots on the calves of his legs). When he had the skin test for the peanut allergy he also had an immediate reaction. Hopefully our story will match yours in the end and he will outgrow it!

On Nov 21, 2000

Congratulations! I love hearing these stories!

On a related note (outgrowing the allergy), we took our almost-3-year-old trick or treating (to just our neighbor's houses) on Halloween. We had to intercept every piece of candy because he doesn't understand his allergy yet. At one house I was explaining why we weren't handing over a Payday to my child and the man said, "Oh yeah, I was allergic to peanuts as a child. I couldn't eat them at all. But I outgrew it."

I've heard this story several times from different adults about themselves or their children. I think it happens more than we know. We have better testing these days for allergies, so we are more "educated" and because all the literature says most children don't outgrow it we are automatically training ourselves for the worst. Don't believe everything you read -- the research on this is still new, so we don't really know what the chances for outgrowing it are. (Most people do not go to the allergist about their peanut allergy!)

I also think that if you sit around and tell yourself your child (or you) will never outgrow it, that this allergy is life-long and "the most deadly" etc. etc., the chances are worse for you. Call it psychological mumbo-jumbo, but I'd rather be an optimist in this case. I have a good feeling about my child. I know that either he'll outgrow it, or there will be a vaccine available to protect him from it. So the outlook is very good.


On Nov 21, 2000

you might be on to something there tracey. it seems with other food allergies that children may test positive years after they have actually "outgrown" the allergy. I think outgrown may not be the corret term however, the body somehow no longer reacts the same way, or as intensely.

On Jun 25, 2001

im so glad for your son.My husband has a peanut allergy, discovered when he was about two.He hasnt outgrown it but his reactions are not as severe as when he was younger.my daughter has a severe peanut allergy so im hoping this will be the case with her aswell.

On Aug 31, 2001

I am so happy for you Rebecca! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/biggrin.gif[/img] This is good news. This at least gives me a little hope that it could happen to my PA daughter also. Congratulations!

On Sep 9, 2001

We just got the results of our pa daughter's RAST a couple of days ago. She scored 1.12, the nurse said that a 1 meant no allergy and we'll probably be doing a food challenge next. Have any of you had an experience with such a low RAST? If so, was the allergy healed?

Thanks for any input!

On Sep 9, 2001

My pa daughter just had a RAST test in which she scored 1.12. The nurse said that 1 means no allergy. Have any of you had experience with such a low Rast test? Was there still an allergy there?

Thanks for your input.

On Sep 10, 2001

Rebecca, that is a great story! I am sooo happy for you and your family! Can I ask a question?? My son is PA and my allergist said legumes are different and he doesn't need to stay away from them. He eats peas and beans no problems. However, today there is some talk on the board about this and I was wondering if you stayed away from all legumes?? Thanks and again, congratulations!!

On Sep 11, 2001

In answer to the RASt score Micahel was given a blood test in which his score was 0. We then proceeded with the food challenge. In answer to the second question. Yes we did stay away from Legumes. Michael reacted with watery stool when he ate legumes. Best of luck to you all. Know you are all in my prayers.