hawaii supermarkets???

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Hi - Oahu and Maui bound this summer. As usual, will be doing all the food prep (we don't go to restaurants at all - between my son's allergies and mine, it's an exercise in futility!!!) But I got to wondering...if brands I rely on heavily for "snack foods" here on the mainland are available on the islands? Or if I'll need to pack a suitcase full of munchies!! Specifically...things like General Mills products, Frito Lay, some Nabisco crackers, Snyder's pretzels, Peppridge Farm Cookies & goldfish, Philly Swirl, Ellio's pizza, McCain fries, etc. If anyone has any input, I'd greatly appreciate it! Thanks!

On Mar 2, 2005

We went to Hawaii (Maui) three years ago and the Safeway we went to had all our usual brands - we could even use our club card. (This was before my son was diagnosed w/PA, so we weren't so picky, but I do remember that the supermarket was just like a mainland store).