Hawaii - Food & Restaurants


We are taking a family trip to Hawaii soon, and just recently found out our DS has a severe PA. I am just not familiar with their cuisine or restaurants or ANYTHING. Very nervous. Anyone know anything at all? For example, I know that most asian foods should be avoided...but NOTHING about Hawaiin. EEEk! Help please!!

By DefeatPA on Sep 16, 2009

My PA son has been to Hawaii five times and, thank God, has never had a reaction. He is young and tends to order kid fare or pasta at restaurants so he has not had a lot of Hawaiian cuisine except at Luas (2).

You are right that Asian cuisine tends to contain peanuts and Hawaiian cuisine borrows a lot from the Pacific rim. I can't recall any Hawaiian dish that has peanuts but that doesn't mean that there is not one. They do use a lot of macadamia nuts which are grown in Hawaii.

We've never given my son dishes with macadamia nuts to be safe. You could always contact the macadamia nut companies in Hawaii (one is Mauna Loa owned by Hershey's) to further investigate it. You could ask if they harvest, manufacture/process macadamia nuts along with peanuts for cross contamination purposes.

We always inform the waiter and/or manager of a restaurant prior to ordering and this has been enough so far. Have a safe trip!!