hawaii big island


Going to the Big Island in late December. Any suggestions (peanut, tree nut, sesame, garbanzo bean allergic)? Will have a refrigerator and hopefully microwave. Just wondering if there's an exceptionally well educated restaurant I might check out.

On Nov 23, 2006

You're in luck...looks like there is a Roy's on the Big Island.




On Dec 7, 2006

We went to the Big Island in January. We stayed on the western side of the island, but inland a little. Big conference center hotel, but the name escapes me now. Our hotel chef was really nice and helpful when we called. He seemed knowledgable and has allergies himself, but we still had unexplained reactions while eating pizza (shared knife!?)

We did eat at a steak house that was super. Even the waitress was educated enough to tell us exactly what to avoid for nuts and shellfish. I'll have to think on the name.

Be careful. Those mac nuts are EVERYWHERE!

And have a great time. We had a fabulouse trip! (I was nervous being 30 min from a little tiny island hospital!)