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We are looking into going to Hawaii with my PA child. I would appreciate any suggestions from people who have travelled there. Do you know of safe condos? Have you stayed at a place 15min. from a hospital? Any experiences with a reaction there, hospital handling? I live in Canada, which airline would be safest to take to Hawaii? Any help is much appreciated - thanks!

On Apr 5, 2001

Laura, We flew January 2001 from Calgary Alberta to Vancouver and on to Maui. We flew Canada 3000 (they do not serve in flight peanuts) they made announcements both when we left Calgary and left Vancouver that their was a passenger on board with life threatening allergy to peanuts and if any one had brought them onboard to please reframe from eating them on this flight. (the same announcements were made on the return flight). Our 5 year old has severe multiply food allergies with peanuts and shellfish and eggs being the worst. They made her a lovely fruit plate we had brought her own food with us any way but it was nice to have some fresh fruit. Our own allergist gave us the name of a childrens doctor in Maui if we had any concerns. We stayed at Aston Kannipale Villa's so we had a condo with full kitchen so we were able to cook all meals for her, there was a safeways 5 minutes away so no problem there as far as groceries were concerned. And if we went out for dinner we always brought her own food. Just to add we had no trouble clearing customs with epipens and other medications. If there is something I missed or you have any other questions let me know.

On Apr 6, 2001

KSP - Thank you for the great info.! We would be flying out of Vancouver as well, so it is very relevant info. for me. Just one question..What was your proximity to a hospital where you stayed? Thanks again KSP!

On Apr 6, 2001

We are also planning a trip to Hawaii, flying out of Seattle. We will be staying on the big island and will be visiting the volcano parks, doing some hiking and seeing the amazing geology, in addition to the beach stuff. It's making me a little nervous since we'll be quite a ways from medical help but I figure we'll just be well-prepared. I'm trying to keep to my philosophy about not restricting my child because of the allergy (just be very well-prepared) but that's easier said than done. Anyone else done a similar trip in Hawaii?

On Apr 17, 2001

I would love to hear from anyone else about their trip to Hawaii. Airline safety seems to be a major concern...so far from help! There are some other good replies on travel to hawaii under the thread for Hilton Waikoloa.