Have you had a May Contains Reaction?


My last reaction to peanuts was when I was 4, and I'm 21 now. I read somewhere on this board that about 20% of the products that have may contains labels have trace amounts of nuts, and I used to eat a LOT of things that have suddenly been labeled may contains with no problems.

I was wondering how prevalent reactions are due to cross contamination, ie how many of you guys have had reactions to may contains things. I've read that 20% of people outgrow their childhood peanut reactions, and I'm wondering since I am not as careful as a lot of people on the board (calling manufacturers, etc.) and haven't had a reaction in 17 years, that maybe I'm one of the lucky 20% (although doubtful cause of the two reactions I've had, both were anaphlyactic). I just wanna know if I should bother getting tested for it. Not that I'd actually ever go out and eat a PB sandwich because the smell is such a turn off, but it'd be nice to count one more thing off the list of things I'm allergic to. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

On Feb 10, 2004

starlight, I have definitely had very severe reactions to trace amounts of sesame seeds. More recently I have also started to react to trace amounts of peanut.

On Feb 10, 2004


My son had a BIG reaction to a possibly may contain or something that had been cross contaminated. A bakery cookie he never should have eaten but grew up on, all of a sudden caused a BIG reaction.

The bakery said it may have been cross contaminated but I'm betting on may contain since the reaction was so big.


On Mar 1, 2004

My son started having reactions to plain M & M's after they put a warning on them. I wrote to them and complained. That was his favorite treat.

On Mar 1, 2004


Originally posted by Peg541: [b]The bakery said it may have been cross contaminated but I'm betting on may contain since the reaction was so big. [/b]

Peg, when I think in terms of *may contain* I think in terms of a product *may contain trace amounts of peanut* not that it may actually contain a peanut. Isn't that what cross contamination is? Do you think the cookie your son ate actually contained peanut or pb?

Some labeling here (in Canada) actually uses the wording *may contain trace amounts of....* others say *produced in a facility that manufactures....*. But either way, I look at that as a product that may contain trace amounts of peanut due to cross contamination.

[i]I'm not trying to be argumentative. I usually find your posts very clear, but I'm a bit confused with this one, and I'm just wondering if we have different definitions for the same phrase.[/i]

On Mar 1, 2004

I have definitely had epi requiring reactions to things that should have been labelled "may contain", ie the company is changing the labelling after my experience. I have had milder reactions to "may contain" to things I used to eat ie vienna finger cookies, ghiradelli chocolate after they had changed the labelling but before I knew to look for that (3 years ago?).