Have you found a dedicated line ice cream


I am looking for any ice creams that run dedicated lines without nuts/peanuts. I know I may be dreaming but has anyone found one in the US? Thanks

On Aug 19, 1999

Carrie, Sorry to disappoint you but I called many many ice cream companies and was challenged to found phone number to call them. They all make ice creams without nuts first then add nuts to the lines later in the day, wash washs and start over the same process the next day. They are trying to reduce rick of cross contamination in this way but trace amounts of nuts are still possible.

I was talking with my son's allergist this spring about safety of bought ice creams. He stated that there really is no safe bought ice cream. So I bought ice cream maker. The whole family loves the taste. (We have to do eggless as my son's allergic to that also.) It's a little more expensive to do home made but we special order a half gallon of heavy cream and make lots of ice cream over two day period.

There was some talk of a ice cream company being started nut-free which I heard about from this Web site. But I heardn't heard anying more.



On Aug 19, 1999

Ben and Jerry's gourmet ice-cream runs some nut-free lines in Canada. (Similar to Haagen-Dazs) Would highly recommend Cherry Garcia.

If this brand is available in U.S. please call their 1-800 number and let me know if this is safe in U.S. also. Thanks

On Aug 19, 1999

HUH! well we have to do eggless,milk-less, nutless, corn-less.. which means cornsyrup! so we have tried rice dream..but its not the best stuff as far as taste.. any ideas?

On Aug 20, 1999

There is a product available in Ontario that meets your first three requirements. I am not sure about the corn but will check on it as I have a friend who's child shares your other concerns.

This is an ice-cream type of sandwich. Half of the regular size and is called Toffuti-Cutie. I buy these on occasion just because they taste good and are peanut free. Handy snack when multiple allergy friends drop by.

I also have a nephew who is anaphylactic to dairy. Last Christmas I made an "ice cream cake" by layering these then some soya milk frosting another layer of each and some crushed safe candy-cane sprinkled on top. Both of the allergic kiddies (my son is peanut allergic) were thrilled to bits.

On Aug 20, 1999

Carrie, The last we checked Dreyer's brand of ice cream,Eddy's (sp?), more specifically the vanilla bean flavor was run on a dedicated nut-free line. As usuall please call them and double check the information as we all know how quick this can change

On Sep 2, 1999

To Jennifer Dooley:

My son also has many allergies. I posted a reply in the food recall section about Rice Dream. The latest FAN newsletter said they also make products with nuts and while they clean the machines and run the nut rice cream last,...who wants to take a chance.

I was very sorry to get the info. It was the only product without milk in my area.