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Posted on: Sun, 10/01/2006 - 6:44am
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You know, it's okay to be tired of fighting, tired of the difficuly of it all. I understand to some degree about your issues with church. I wouldn't let my DD go to sunday school last year because I felt no one there would take responsibility for her while I was upstairs in worship. This year, things are completely different. Why? Maybe because I spoke with --by chance--a sunday school board director and happened to mention how I pulled my daughter from sunday school and why, and she mentioned that the board was really trying to 'tighten' things up at sunday school because it wasn't very organized and such, and would I mind if she shared my story with the board. Which of course I said, please do. And things are veeeeerrrry different this year at sunday school, everything is very organized and willing to help us.
My point is....I think the Lord knows just what we need at just the right time. Maybe it's all about a chance conversation with someone willing to listen and have compassion. Yes, He might be leading you to another church, or he might lead you to stay at the one you are at now. Ask for His guidance and you will receive it. Ask Him for help and He will give it. He may not lift this burden from you today, but He WILL be with you as you go thru it. Hugs and prayers for His will for you and your church life to be shown to you...

Posted on: Sun, 10/01/2006 - 1:24pm
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If we hadn't just recently moved out of state, we would have left our church due to PA. They ADAMENTLY refused to allow anyone to administer the epipen and insisted on giving the kids peanut M&Ms and snickers as prizes because they felt the kids should know what they can and cannot eat- I got a blank stare when I said my son is 15 months old- how is he going to know what not to eat?
Additionally they don't train any of the volunteers in CPR because they don't want to be liable. I was so mad I was yelling at the director.
I'm sorry you have to go through this too.



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