Have you chosen to homeschool due to saftey of your child at a public school?

Posted on: Tue, 01/27/2004 - 6:18am
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We are fairly new to this PA/TNA stuff and DD will be starting kindergarten in the fall of 2005, I know this seems like a long time away, but I have been told I need to start preparing the school for DD at least one year in advanc, which would be this fall. My question is this-have you chosen to homeschool your DS or DD due to a saftey issue at a public school such as EMS service too far away? No full time nurse on duty at school? School to far away from the nearest hospital? Trust in others to do what is right at the school with no full time nurse? Or any other reasons. I am just trying to collect information to see if anyone else has of had the same concerns as I do and what decisions they have made? Any suggestions or help are appreciated.

Alicia, mom to:
Edward-20 years-non PA
Cody-8 years-non PA
Shaylyn-4 years-PA/TNA,Asthma

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