have any of you made Duncan Hines cupcakes?


and are they safe for PA child?

I'm making a batch of cupcakes for my child to have when there's a birthday party in his preschool class. They'll keep them in the freezer and take one out at a time.

Not much for baking from scratch. There should be a line out there that's peanut-free in the stores. Any ideas?

Thanks. Stacey

On Sep 24, 2003

OOPS!!! Sorry, just saw the post below!!!

On Sep 24, 2003

I think most people here trust Betty Crocker. I cannot use eggs, so I do not do well with mixes. However, I have used Betty Crocker a couple of times without trouble. I use their frosting all the time(Betty). becca

On Sep 24, 2003

Last month August I called Duncan Hines and the woman that I spoke with said that all their products are run on the same line as nut products and therefore are not safe for PA/TNA. Betty Crocker is great because they put on their label under ingredients if their is an allergan in their product. Also- Simply Organics by Dr Oetker has a lot of mixes that are soy free and are made in a NUT FREE FACILITY.

On Sep 24, 2003

I only buy Betty Crocker when I bake a cake or cupcakes!!! I also only use Betty Crocker icing.

On Sep 28, 2003

We use Betty Crocker cake mixes, and have had no problems. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

On Sep 29, 2003

For packaged cake mixes and frostings, I use Betty Crocker or Washington. I recently bought Pillsbury Cake Mix by MultiFoods (I think that's the name of the new company--I can't get to the box right now) but have not used it yet. The new Pillsubry labeling is very helpful, indicating shared lines, so I feel comfortable with it.