Have any of you approached your school about....


...going peanut free? BEFORE YOU ANSWER: I know that everyone has an opinion in either direction (whether schools should or shouldn't do this), and while I know there are very valid arguments to either side, I am just asking if anyone has ATTEMPTED to get this change made. Thanks for sharing your experience on this task. :o)

By joannosha on May 25, 2011

i had asked my son's elementary school why they weren't peanut free and also asked if the school district would consider going peanut free and was told by the principal, and adminitrators at the district level, that while there are presently several children with peanut allergies, they felt that their current safeguards were sufficient to prevent an allergic reaction. these safeguards were basically that my son's profile in the school lunch room contained the information that he was severely allergic to peanuts, therefore he should not be served any school lunch products containing peanuts, and also that he must sit at a separate table from his classmates. i am still trying to 'educate' these so called educators on the severity of inhalation as well as coming into contact with any peanut protein that remains on surfaces due to 'kids being kids' and not washing up after lunch/snack. this is a real problem with these schools that, to me, are not providing a safe environment and are putting these students at risk, every school day, unnecessarily. good luck and let me know how you make out with your local school.

By joannosha on Jun 10, 2011

why change it??? wow- if i have to say it you must really be a very selfish person. is it so very important to you to have your peanuts that you would risk the life of someone else?? i'm not saying stop growing peanuts or selling them. what you do in your own home is not the problem. but why does it have to be served in public schools? what kind of example are you to your kids??? its like your saying that your right to eat whatever you want, whenever you want is more important than worrying about others health. so very sad that there are people like you that my son and ONLY ABOUT 1 MILLION OTHERS with this allergy have to be concerned with everyday of their life. why don't you think about that for a moment PEANUTLOVER.

By peanutlover on Jun 10, 2011

WHY Change it?? WHY not instead educate your children and make them AWARE?? This doesn't make sense to me.

If you change it, you're rasing a lazy child that doesn't have to take responsibility for something. Teach them how to ask. Tell them the level of allergy they have and what could happen. Allow me to demonstrate:

"Sweetie. You have a slight allergy which means you will get a skin irritation so unless you want to be itchy, don't eat peanuts..."

"Sweetie, if you eat peanuts, you may experience a shortness of breath or this because this your level of allergy so try to make sure there's no peanuts in what you're eating"

Wow...that's simple and it doesnt' inconvenience the LARGER population which is not allergic.

Let me ask you, do you think of anything other than yourself and the minority of the population that is allergic to nuts?

My nephews allergic...we still eat peanuts and peanut butter. We just don't give it to him. See how simple that is.

Why don't you go out and raise money for the homeless or volunteer for the American Red Cross Blood Donation Center. There are people out there WHO NEED BLOOD FOR REAL ISSUES LIKE SURGERIES. Btw...I do...

Address REAL world issue people. Peanuts are small potatoes...pun intended.

By Samantha418 on Jun 10, 2011

Why do you think that everyone's allergy is minor like your nephews? A lot of people with an allergy don't get "itchy", they have trouble breathing and need emergency care immediately.

By joannosha on Jun 10, 2011

do you really believe that because they are the minority that their right to a safe environment shouldn't matter? another selfish and uneducated reply. really, people i hope that you never have to go through an anaphalactic emergency with one of your children. watching a child having a severe allergic reaction and feeling so very scared that they are going to die in your own arms is not something i would wish on anyone.

By peanutlover on Jun 10, 2011

Yeah but the number of those people are SO few and far between. I'm not saying people don't have allergies and people like YOU shouldn't be careful. YOU SHOULD be concerned, however, a lot of people don't. Actually the percentage is QUITE low, so why cause mass hysteria?

People are so afraid already. It doesn't make sense to me for additional paranoia to be caused. "OH STOP PEANUTS IN SCHOOLS!!"

Okay, let's stop bees and avocados and cucumbers and anything else a person might be allergic to. Let's live in bubbles and eat from pills because then we won't be at risk for hay fever, peanut allergies, whatever. It just simply does not make sense.

By joannosha on Jun 10, 2011

again, very selfish of you. do you not care about anyone but yourself? your poor sister. i hope that at least you wash your hands before touching things around your home or your poor sister is the one that will pay the price for your astonsishingly selfish attitude.

By peanutlover on Jun 10, 2011

And btw, we still eat Avocados when my sister is deathly allergic...she cannot touch them AT ALL...it's about educating not causing mass paranoia and hysteria in addition to taking food out of children's mouths.

By peanutlover on Jun 10, 2011

Ohhh joooann! Of course you're going to completely disregard the fact that YOU people are the ones that are selfish. My sister says, "Don't worry about. Why should you stop enjoying something that I'm allergic to?" She just avoids it, which is what people who are allergic to peanuts SHOULD be doing versus trying to stop everyone from enjoying them. You are the minority here.

Are you going to go to Thailand now and put up a fight there considering 90% of their dishes contain peanuts?

By creating a fear what's happening is your are limiting children's growth. You're making them AFRAID.

What about people that are allergic to bees? Everyone has ignored my very logical arguments here. You people spread fear. She came here for help AND YOU WERE the ones that were mean to her.

Basically what I see happening here is that you are all upset that i am against your beliefs and I don't support your "cause" because there is a bigger world picture out there.

Again, back to bees...should we kill all the bees because people are allergic? As an FYI, there is much higher population of individuals allergic to bees than peanuts...they just don't have big mouths over it like peanut people.

By joannosha on Jun 11, 2011

may i ask why you are even on this peanut ALLERGY site? just sounds like your looking for a fight to me. grow up. try to be more open-minded and respectful of everyone else. our only cause is to educate ignorant folks like yourself. the only thing i'm pushing is that since the schools do not enforce kids washing their hands they should not be exposing my child to an unnecessary risk everyday he goes to school. all severly allergic people carry epi-pens, injectable medication in case of 'accidental' exposure, whether it be foods or bee stings. bees are not the enemy, nor are peanuts -people that have your attitude seem to be though. my son is not being made afraid, he must read labels and avoid peanuts while enjoying everyday activities like attending school, camp and all public areas. i just don't get why you and other people think its ok to put others in harms way when it could be avoided by just being more caring of others. its about respect. you are just plain uncaring. EAT YOUR PEANUTS AT HOME AND WASH YOU AND YOUR KIDS HANDS and please stop spreading your ignorance and lack of empathy, if you even know what that word means.

By Nikkiz on Jun 14, 2011

Peanut lover: I can not believe the amount of ignorance that is seeping from you. Clearly you do NOT have a child who will stop breathing if he is exposed to peanut butter. We educate our son on what peanuts are, what peanut butter is, why he can not have it or share other people's foods because the risks are so high for him (and roughly 1 in 25 children now according to the CDC, you nimrod). But here is the bottom line: HE IS FIVE. HE DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO PROTECT HIMSELF. When he is in middle school and high school, it will be a whole different ball game. He will have knowledge and understanding that will equip him to keep himself as safe as he can be in school. But right now, HE IS NOT CAPABLE. Do you have any idea how terrifying it is to send your child off to a place where he will be exposed and at risk of dying every day? Clearly you do not or you wouldn't be stabbing all of us parents of allergic children in the HEART with your insensitive and irresponsible words. If I had to bet, I'd say that you probably don't have a child at all or you wouldn't be so lacking in empathy. Do the research, then walk a mile in our shoes, and then you have some credibility. Until then, keep your heartless nonsense away from people who are trying their best to keep their kids alive.

By joannosha on Jun 14, 2011

just to let the people that don't have an allergy themselves know what us, so called by PEANUTLOVER, "big mouths" are talking about: just a few facts about peanut allergies--if you should even care to learn--you don't have to actually eat peanuts to have a severe reaction--you can come in contact with the proteins in peanuts that cause the reaction by breathing them in the air (think about the cabin in airplanes) or by touching a surface that peanut 'dust' or peanut butter is on (think about school, everyday, having to open how many doors, pull out chairs, share computer keyboards and you MAY begin to understand what we are talking about. as for avoiding eating peanuts, it may seem like an easy thing to do, especially now that more manufacturers are labeling items that don't have peanuts as a main ingredient, but a 13yr old in a chicago school was recently killed after eating a sauce served in her cafeteria -it was not called a 'peanut' sauce therefore the teenager did not know it was unsafe. just reading labels and not eating peanuts is not enough to avoid an allergic reaction--educating others is. we do not want our kids to have to live in a bubble or be afraid to go to school, camp, the movies etc. but if others don't realize that they could kill them by not washing their hands after eating then the world is definitely a scary place. PEANUTLOVER -DO YOU GET IT NOW? or am i just wasting my big mouth on you?

By Loran's Dad on Oct 7, 2011

No one really answered the original question which was "has anyone approached their school about becoming peanut free?". I would like to know if anyone has advice or experience in this as well. My little girl has a severe peanut allergy and will be starting Kindergarten next year. Her school has "peanut free" tables and the school nurse has many kids currently with epi-pens, etc. but I am still terrified to send her to a school where her classmates bring PB&J's to school everyday.

Can anyone help?

By Loran's Dad on Oct 8, 2011

Well I've read about several schools and school systems that have gone peanut free willingly. Plus (and I am not expert) I've never heard of a child dieing from soy or dairy exposure.

Our school is already latex free and there are many other kids with nut allergies already. I am not concerned about any backlash I may receive.

And as for PeanutLover ... why give him or her the attention? This is the internet. There are trolls on every site. The opposite of love isn't hate, it's indifference.

By TracyC on Oct 8, 2011

I've not asker our son's school to go peanut free, nor would I.

First of all, there are other LTA's out there - not just peanuts. Ban one, gotta ban them all - and there's a lot. Would you like to have to pack a lunch that has no corn, soy, dairy etc?

Secondly, the other parents will literally hate you. As we can see from the persistent troll known as 'Peanutlover' - see above - far too many people are just plain jerks. It will not go well. Better to move to a district where someone has already fought that fight and the district is already nut-free.

I already wrote to the admin of this site regarding banning inflammatory trolls like PeanutLover. There is certainly lots of room for differing opinions on this site, as there should be - but PeanutLovers user name and posts show that s/he comes here solely to inflame. No response though.

By Busymomof3 on Oct 12, 2011

My child's school is not peanut free but there is no cafeteria so kids eat in the classroom AND I was able to make that peanut free. (kids that have peanut butter go into another class room to eat.) The nearby catholic school is completely peanut free, so I've been told. I would get your daughter a 504 for starters, try & get her classroom peanut free and if possible be a class room parent volunteer. My school district has a food allergy plan in place and everyone has been very considerate about my child's allergy. (His allergy is fatal to him - he goes into analphylactic shock if he even smells peanut butter.) Maybe you could google & find other districts that are peanut free. Good luck! And I really hope you don't have to deal with people like "peanutloser" that have a mental instability in dealing with others in such serious (and YES!) life threatening situations.

By MomofZx4 on Oct 13, 2011

I have two children with peanut allergies; one in elementary and one in preschool. The preschool is awesome about his allergies. The elementary school was too, until this year. My sons teacher sent a note home about a child with milk and egg allergies asking parents not to send anything containing those ingredients to school. There was never any mention of my son, so the next day I sent a note asking if they could please send a note about his peanut allergy home. I included that he eats soy butter which would be an alternative if there were any parents asking what to send their child instead of a peanut butter sandwich for lunch. I went on to tell her that if she had any questions about his allergy or what specific foods he can or cannot eat to feel free to call me. The only call I got was from the principal telling me that they could not ask other parents not to send in peanut butter sandwiches or anything containing peanut butter. (Ummmm, you just sent a note home about this other kid yesterday.) I told her that I never asked for them to tell parents NOT to send peanut stuff to school, I just wanted to make the parents aware that he had a peanut allergy, with hopes that other parents would be compassionate enough to educate their children not to share with other kids. I feel like I am about one Epi-Pen away from changing school districts (yes, I drive them to a neighboring district every day)...or I could buy him an allergen alert dog and send it to school with him every day...bet they'd like that!! LOL I truly thought the teacher would be a little more concerned since her grandson has a peanut allergy also, but I guess not. I think it should be a federal law that schools should be peanut free. Yes, I do realize there are other severe allergies out there and we cannot control everything, but peanuts seem to be a more prominent allergen in recent years, and most of the time a deadly one.

As for you PeanutLover, one thing you said that really irked me was that we need to educate our kids...Our kids are probably more educated about peanuts than you are. My 3 yr old will ask "Got nuts in it?" before he eats something, and I educated my 6 yr old when he was old enough to talk that he could not eat peanuts and if someone tried to give him something to tell them "I will die". Even my oldest son, who is 7 and isn't allergic will ask if things have peanuts in it, and he doesn't have to be sharing it with his younger brothers. Yes, we have educated our children, now you should get an education. Unless you have had to send your child off to school, let them be in a completely unsafe environment, and you get that knot in your stomach when the phone rings (God forbid it be the school on the caller ID), then you need to shut up and find another place to go complain.