Has Anyone Witnessed Their PA Child Almost Literally Dying?

Posted on: Tue, 11/19/2002 - 6:04am
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This question is actually a second part one to the one I just raised about how many people have PA children that have had anaphylactic reactions.

How many of us have witnessed our child in an anaphylactic reaction and watched as our child was literally dying in front of our eyes (for whatever reasons)?

I have. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/frown.gif[/img]

Jesse was 2-1/2 when he had his last anaphylactic reaction. He merely touched a pb rice krispie square to his lips. It did not enter his mouth. There was no bite mark on it.

Because of denial on one parent's part and ignorance on both parents' parts, Jesse almost died.

For me, that's the reason why I'm here. I really feel the need to keep gathering information re PA and to offer comfort, support, caring and encouragement when I can to other PA parents. I NEVER want another PA parent to experience what I have. Your child lying on an emergency bed and you're telling him a story even though he can't hear it (it was Thomas the Tank Engine and how Jesse had been brought to the Island of Sodor to paint all of the train bridges orange) and you're trying to stay calm and praying that he'll be okay. I wouldn't wish that experience on my worst enemy. I regret deeply that my son almost lost his life due to my ignorance and parent's denial.

That's not what my question is though - my question is basic - have you witnessed your PA child literally dying before your eyes?
(I just wanted to explain myself, as always, further, in my answer).

Many thanks and best wishes! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]


Posted on: Tue, 11/19/2002 - 9:17am
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Cindy, I'm so sorry that you had to go through that. While I haven't had my OWN child go through that, I did come very close to losing my husband this spring, and my nephew a few years ago.
I agree that the worst feeling in the world is reading a story or talking to a child who is in a coma, whom you never really know if they are ever going to wake up. My sister's middle child was two when they were at the park, and he got away from her and ran into the street. He was hit by a car and took all the impact at the back of his head. He was thrown 40 feet and landed face down. Fortunately, they live in the city and he was at BC Children's Hospital in less then 15 minutes. He had a massive brain injury to his cerebellum, and a spinal fracture. After two brain surgeries, it is amazing that he even lived-and took years for him to relearn how to walk, talk, etc all over again. But I am happy to say that he is a happy, healthy, NORMAL five year old. You would never know that he suffered such a devestating injury. I spent a week at his bedside, never knowing if he'd live or die. So while it was nothing like PA, the guilt on my sister's part was the same, as well as the helplessness and grief for the rest of us. I would never, ever wish that on anyone.

Posted on: Wed, 12/18/2002 - 10:11am
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I thought my son was going to die in front of me during his last anaphylactic reaction. Luckily he was wearing his epi-belt and I injected him quickly. He was a gray/blue color and terrified. It seemed to take forever before the adrenaline worked and he wasn't gasping for air. I know what you mean, no parent should have to go through that. Unfortunately my husband wasn't there, and thinks I'm exagerrating how scary it was. I still cry when I think about it.
Cynde Punch

Posted on: Wed, 12/18/2002 - 11:57am
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No, not literally die- no vascualar colaspe- no swelling.
But anaphylastic yes-I think I have several times...if you mean 2 or more systems...but he didn't get Epipen prescribed until he was 6... been on steriods many times to help breathing and skin problems. As newborn--major wheezing was 9 months old and nurse heard Ds wheeze... coughing...vomiting...skin flares on top of severe eczema...but no swelling... feeling bad...finally tested for some foods at 3.. found allergic to all tested but corn... many environments too... "At the beach at 6 was worst with breathing and skin involvement and feeling horrible.
... I think back that so many times we could have lost him...rushed to doctors office... hives, breathing, stomack pains... before we knew what we were dealing with.
Last year I almost gave Epipen re contact reaction gave inhaler thinking environmentals rather than contact(peanut/ cashews) as he wasn't contact before but as reaction progressed gave benedyril and ready to epipen if didn't resolve. One allergist later stated I should have used EpiPen then and next time in same situation I will. He is now making some chioces to eat foods on his own(after reading labels and ones that had before) I know he needs to do this as he 12 I just hope and pray he checks and double checks and doesnt't eat non labeled food/ candy.

Posted on: Fri, 12/20/2002 - 2:09am
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One of dd last reactions, in Sept. scared me so bad! Not only did she turn grey, she lost contol of her bowels plus the hives and upset tummy and swelling of the face.
Last summer when she had a reaction while shopping, after the ambulance took her to the hospital and I followed with our youngest son. I remember at the hospital needing something from the van and I went outside (a nurse was with dd and ds) when I got to our car I just cried and cried. It is so hard when no matter what you do, you can not keep your child safe.

Posted on: Fri, 12/20/2002 - 3:25am
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After my son's first reaction the ER told us that if we had gotten to the ER any later things would have been really bad. When we first arrived they couldn't tell me that he would be okay. I can't really talk about it since it still gets me so upset. All I can say is thank god for Epi-pens because if I ever had to live through that experience again I don't think I could survive it again. Actually, last night an ambulance past me and I just broke down crying because it reminded me of that horrible day.
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