Has anyone ever heard of this?

Posted on: Thu, 07/18/2002 - 11:35am
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pHi. This is nowhere near as severe as my peanut allergy but I have some crazy reaction to wooden ice cream sticks. Just looking at somebody with a wooden stick in there mouth or eating ice cream on a stick really gets me. All the hair on my arms stand up and get chills up my spine. It's kind of like the same thing to me as someone scratching their fingernails on the blackboard. If I'm exposed long enough I feel as though I'm going to vomit. I had never even mentioned this to anyone until I was 20years old and found out my brother has the same condition.br /
Now this is only with wooden sticks or wooden Ice cream spoons. There doesnt need to be any ice cream on them to give me a reaction. Now I have no problem with other types of wood. Toothpicks don't even bother me. I can even chew on those. I't never made any sense to me and I've got dry mouth just thinking about them. My biggest nightmare I guess would be peanut butter on a wooden stick. Maybe I should start a woodenstickallergy.com./p

Posted on: Thu, 07/18/2002 - 1:46pm
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At the very least, they should be banned from our public schools.

Posted on: Fri, 07/19/2002 - 4:20am
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Banning them from public schools would be a step in the right direction. Just give the children plastic spoons. They also give them to kids to use in Arts and Crafts. Another major offender is the doctors office. I don't see why the tounge depressors can't be made of plastic. Every time I think of that glass canister filled with wooden sticks, I get a little sick to my stomach.
But seriously, has anyone ever heard of this? Me and my brother can't be the only ones. There has got to be others out there.

Posted on: Fri, 07/19/2002 - 6:10am
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You are on the right track, but you stop short of going far enough... Your child IS IN DANGER!!!! Not only should wooden sticks be banned, but also chalk, paper, plastic, hairspray, perfume, people who use deodorant, lip gloss (foetus allergies), wooden furniture, cleaning agents (Nasty chemicals... the bastards!). In fact, let's make schools consisting of individual cells constructed entirely of stainless steel so that our wonderful chillens can be isolated from every possible source of contamination in the world. Better yet, have the teachers teach on video monitors (hermetically sealed, of course) so that the slightest germ cannot escape and harm the little darlings (gotta breathe, you know?).In fact, I think Howard Hughes was right... Develop a clean, totally antiseptic environment for learning. Our kids can magically gain telepathic powers to absorb knowledge without any, (Oh My Gawd!) human contact (While growing ten-inch fingernails and drinking their own urine.). If we can't get this Utopia established, then let's just SUE EVERYONE!
What? Me Worry?

Posted on: Fri, 07/19/2002 - 6:54am
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Well there has been 2 sarcastic responses. I was just asking if anyone else had ever heard of anyone having a reaction to wooden Ice cream sticks. I did not bring up the school ban. I don't think that would be neccesary espicially if me and my brother are the only ones on this planet with this allergy. I don't even go to school. I'm also not obsessed with it. I don't ask in restaurants if any of my food was prepared with a wooden stick. I have enough diffuculty asking about the nuts.

Posted on: Fri, 07/19/2002 - 7:05am
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EdF, just want to say I'm sorry that you've been responded to by the "trolls", as I've seen them referred to on other threads. I think you are bringing up a perfectly legitimate question. I haven't experienced anything like that, myself, but I think it's important to have a safe place to voice concerns of any kind. I'm sorry that you tried to do that here, in what normally IS a safe place, only to get treated poorly. Miriam

Posted on: Fri, 07/19/2002 - 7:22am
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Ditto what Miriam said.
I wonder if it is something that the sticks are treated with? Or, perhaps as children you and your bro came across a bad one that was treated with something toxic, and now you have a conditioned reaction to them? Anything is possible.
Have you ever discussed it with an allergist?
Just curious.
Good luck.

Posted on: Fri, 07/19/2002 - 7:47am
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Thanks for the kind words California Mom. It isn't even a concern but more a curiousity. It's a reaction that both me and my brother have. I'm 33 years old and its kind of a joke between the 2 of us as neither of us knows of anyone else that hates wooden sticks. I have never had to be rushed to the hospital over it (not like my peanut reactions).
When I was little I would eat ice pops with my friends but would only hold the stick with a napkin. I would throw it away when it was half gone so I wouldn't come in contact with the stick.
I also want to know why toothpicks don't bother me. There made from the same type of wood I take it. I think it has to do with the way it's cut and the way the grain of wood goes. There is also the visual reaction which is probably the same type of thing as when you look at a lemon and think of biting into it, your mouth kind
of starts to salivate and you can taste the bitterness without actually tasting it.

Posted on: Fri, 07/19/2002 - 8:24am
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Thanks for the reply Amy. I never spoke to an allergist about it as I guess I've never thought it was a big concern. I just spoke about other ones nuts, shellfish,and berries. Maybe there should be a thread on unusually allergies.

Posted on: Fri, 07/19/2002 - 8:47am
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I hate wooden popsickle sticks too [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/biggrin.gif[/img]
I'll eat a popsickle (like bite into the popsickle being very careful not to scrape my teeth on the wooden stick).
Yep, same thing with the scratching of nails on chalkboards or knives, forks on plates, hate it!
I don't think it's wierd or anything, just annoying....kind of like Nutster & Achmed
[This message has been edited by smack (edited July 19, 2002).]

Posted on: Fri, 07/19/2002 - 9:36am
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Wow. I'm so glad someone else knows what I'm talking about. Maybe it's not as uncommom as I thought. Thanks Smack. The goosebumps, the hair standing up, the gaging in the throut, the chills. Lets get that school ban after all. Think of all those poor kids being asked to make little houses out of the sticks in art class.
PS Just jokeing about the ban. Some folks might think that we want everything banned and all their freedoms taken away.


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