Happy with DS Class Allergy Policy

Posted on: Mon, 10/01/2007 - 12:29am
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My DS#2 (not the allergic one)is in an early 5's program and at orientation the teacher discussed the school's allergy policy. There is at least one child with food allergies in the class. Neither the child or the allergy was identified. She stated that if a class had a food allergy that NO outside food could be brought into the classroom. She stated that if a child wanted to bring in a birthday "treat" that they could bring in a non-food item to pass out to the class. She also stated that the children would not be able to bring snacks for snacktime and that the snacks would be communal (fee: about $7-$8 per month for snack and milk). The teacher would be purchasing the snacks (I imagine that they are approved by allergic child's parent). This is the most aggressive policy that I have seen so far. His class is only half day so I am not sure about the luchroom policies but I did see one of the classes get the lunchroom orientation while I was there and they emphasized to the kids not to share or trade food with anyone.

Anyways I just wanted to share a good school experience that I had. It is relieving some of the stress about when it comes time to send my MFA ds to school.

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Posted on: Mon, 10/01/2007 - 12:47am
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Momto4boys, kudos to your school for there policy. My dd's school still allows food for birthdays etc. so I can only wish for something like that. This must be such a relief for your family. Thanks for posting.

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