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With Halloween just around the corner...anyone want to start a halloween safe for PA list? Besides Tootsie roll brand candy and Vermont any others?

On Sep 9, 2001

Trebor Allan candy (Swedish berries, fuzzy peach, sour patch kids, etc) is safe. Always check labels though. You can email them at [email]tai.webmaster@treborallan.com[/email] to get an updated list of all their candy that is made in a peanut free plant. Their web site is at [url="http://www.treborallan.com/"]http://www.treborallan.com/[/url]

Nestle Canada also makes their Aero, Coffee Crisp, Smarties, Mirage, and Kit Kat in a peanut free factory (web site [url="http://www.nestle.ca"]www.nestle.ca[/url] for more details).

I think there are other candies made in nut free factories (ie Willy Wonka Nerds, CeDeCe Rockets, etc) but I don't know the details.. maybe other people know of other candies?

Happy Halloween!

(ps. Nestle Canada had planned to start using peanuts in Jan 2002 so they had added the "may contain peanuts" to many of their products recently, but due to consumer response, they cancelled this plan to use peanuts ..... however, some products still have the warning label on them as they are made with the new packaging.. they are safe however. You can contact Nestle at their web site [url="http://www.nestle.ca"]www.nestle.ca[/url] if you want details.. this will cause much confusion this Halloween.)

On Sep 9, 2001

I just did a whole site search for the word "Halloween". There were 98 threads on the subject - many were about what's safe/not.


On Sep 25, 2002

Thought I would raise this topic as we have a bunch on Halloween and thought we might add to this one or others rather than starting more more Halloween topics [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

Sue in Sunny Arizona

On Sep 25, 2002

I posted yesterday under Manufacturer's safe and unsafe about alternatives to VT Nut-free. Love that company but just like an alternative for something different.

On Sep 25, 2002

American Smarties

On Sep 25, 2002

Canadian Rockets are also safe. (they are the same thing as American Smarties)

On Sep 26, 2002

Mike and Ikes, Hot Tamales, Peeps, Zours, Skittles, Sixlets.

On Sep 30, 2002

I just bought a bag of American Smarties for Patricia today. I was surprised and pleased to note the following statement on the bag:

"Smarties contain none of the following common allergens: gluten (from corn, wheat, oats), soybeans, milk, eggs, peanuts, nuts, seeds, fish, shellfish, or mollusks."

I am deeply moved that the manufacturer is showing more awareness of kids with allergy issues. It's really a bright moment in a whole aisle full of peanut candy! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

I'm going to contact the company and thank them for their labeling.


On Oct 2, 2002


Originally posted by Triciasmom: [b] "Smarties contain none of the following common allergens: gluten (from corn, wheat, oats), soybeans, milk, eggs, peanuts, nuts, seeds, fish, shellfish, or mollusks."

I am deeply moved that the manufacturer is showing more awareness of kids with allergy issues. It's really a bright moment in a whole aisle full of peanut candy! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

I'm going to contact the company and thank them for their labeling.


Does this include cross contamination risk or just actual ingredients? I always read or heard that american smarties were a 'may contain' type of candy.


On Oct 2, 2002

I remember reading in the past that American Smarties (known as Rockets in Canada) are made in a peanut-free plant here in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada. I always thought US Smarties were the same, but I am not 100% sure (since they are made in the USA).

I checked the web site ([url]http://www.smarties.com[/url]) and don't see any other products made by this company with nuts, but to be sure you could always phone the company. I will try to call them too, but I think they are safe.

On Oct 3, 2002

The package that I have that has the allergy note on it is imported from Canada. Doesn't say exactly which factory it was made in. Just says that it was made in Canada by Ce De Candy for the Ce De Candy in NJ


On Oct 16, 2002

Are any of these safe? (USA) None have label warnings

Nestle's Wonka: nerds, gobstopper, shock tarts, bottlecaps, runts, laffy taffy

Hershey: Whoppers, Rolo, Jolly Rancher (hard, soft & lollipop)

Spangler: Dum Dum lollipops

Cambridge (subsidiary of Tootsie): junior mints

On Oct 17, 2002

Last I heard dum dums are safe and junior mints are safe.


On Oct 24, 2002

I had read a few posts on here that Dum Dum Lollipops may be safe, but thought I would check the [url="http://www.spanglercandy.com"]www.spanglercandy.com[/url] website to be certain. The following text is copied from the Products FAQ section.

"Q: My child is allergic to milk and nut products. What products do you have that do not contain these ingredients? A: Dum Dum Pops, Saf-T-Pops, Astro Pops, Candy Cane & Cane Classics, and Picture Pops do not contain milk and nut products. The ingredients in these products, as well as the processing aids (such as release lubricants), do not contain any peanuts, peanut by-products, eggs, milk, or dairy products. These products are processed on dedicated lines."

Hope this helps!

------------------ Susan Andre's Mom

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On Oct 24, 2002

My husband has had whoppers and got very ill, not sure what's in the shell of it though. My dd has never had them because my husband says not to let her. He also can not eat any ice-cream toppings that harden. Like those shell kind. My dd has eaten, (just recently) a package of different candy by tootsie roll, there were various sizes of toosie rolls in it, chocolate and other flavored ones, like strawberry and blueberry, also there was tootsie pops and dots, (these little boxes with like chewy fruity things in there.) She had them with no problems at all. You can get a big bag for about $2.00. Tamie

On Oct 24, 2002

You should compare the ingredients of those toppings and the whoppers to find a common link, but perhaps your husband had an allergy or intolerance to a wax or sweetener in thse products? Just an idea. My dh had hives the past week, and it is so frustrating not knowing what it is and what to avoid! Off the subject, but wondering what might your dh might be reacting to.

We have done fine with any tootsie product we have tried, but I think that is only pops, and the regular minis(chocolate). Oh my dd had tried an Andes mint, since I found out they are a tootsie company, but I really should call before she has one again. becca

On Aug 11, 2003

[b]*** Note: Always read labels and look carefully for peanut warnings, as manufacturing conditions can change at any time - never assume a product is safe ***[/b]

I was shopping at the Valu-Mart at the Manulife Centre on the way home from work today, and saw that they have Halloween candy available. I guess summer is almost over. This year, it looks like there is a lot of safe candy available. Here is what I found:


Nestle Canada mini bars (30 bars per bag): Aero, Kit Kat, Smarties, Coffee Crisp, Favourites (all 4 bars in one pack)

Nestle Wonka Mix (600 grams) - 80 bars per bag - Nerds, Laffy Taffy, Runts, Sweet Tarts

Starburst/Skittle bag (970 grams)

Concord Confections Original Double Bubble gum (1.36 kg - 3 pound mix)

Ce De Candy Rockets (4 pound/1.8 kg bag)

Comet Milk Chocolate Pumpkins, Witches, and Crispy Discs (908 grams)

Allan 2 pound Mega Mix (sour patch kids, fuzzy peach, sour cherry blasters, karnival pops, glitter fruit)

Allan fun treats (2.11 kg) - 125 packs per bag (Swedish berries, sour cherry blasters, sour patch kids, fuzzy peach)

Allan kisses candy (in orange wrappers) - 600 grams

The [b]unsafe[/b] candy was the same as last year - the Cadbury mini bars such as Dairy Milk, Caramilk, Crunchie are all unsafe. And of course the peanut bars such as Oh Henry and PB cups.

Something new that is unsafe this year (there was no warning on the package last year) is the Creamy Caramels. They are imported by Regal and manufactured by Embare (in Brazil). They look like the little square Kraft caramels, but as of now they do have a peanut / nut warning on them so they are no longer safe. Hmm. I wonder if they were safe before when they had no warning?

Anyway, that's the list of safe Canadian Halloween candy.. enjoy!! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

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On Aug 12, 2003

Eric If I lived in Canada I would stop by a give you a hug! You are the greatest. I may just have to move.

On Sep 4, 2003

anyone know of any safe Halloween candy in the US?

On Sep 4, 2003

Here is a copy of my safe candy list (US Specific):

Dum-Dum Lollipops [url="http://www.dumdumpops.com"]www.dumdumpops.com[/url] [url="http://www.spanglercandy.com"]www.spanglercandy.com[/url]

Smarties Ce De Candy Co. [url="http://www.smarties.com"]www.smarties.com[/url] (908)964-0660 Trident Gum

On Sep 4, 2003

Thank you so much for the information. what a big help.

On Sep 4, 2003

Most Nestle Wonka products in the USA are safe too, such as Nerds, Sweettarts, Shocktarts, Runts, etc.

On Sep 4, 2003

what about anything chocolate? any candy bars safe?

On Sep 4, 2003

Personally, I do trust Hershey's labelling. [b]Always check labels as manufacturing conditions can change[/b]

Some of their products with no nut warning include:

Kit Kat bites (all other Kit Kats are NOT safe in the USA) Rolo (regular size) Krackel (regular size) Creamy Caramel (regular size) Hershey bar (regular size)

Hershey also makes some chocolate using the "Cadbury" name that has no nut warnings.

Another product not made by Hershey is: Junior Mints

These are a few examples of Hershey chocolate products that have no nut warning.

Another option is Vermont Nut-Free chocolates, or you can order Nestle Canada nut-free chocolate bars (Aero, Kit Kat, Smarties, Coffee Crisp) at Panhandle Premium @ [url="http://www.panhandlepremium.com"]www.panhandlepremium.com[/url] [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

On Sep 4, 2003

I was in Walmart today picking up another Tootsie Rolls mixture bag. Then I came across the "halloween treats" They were PLASTIC monster and things. I bought all they had. NO more candy for the trick or treaters at this house. My kids like the plastic creatures more!

AND they are cheaper than candy


On Sep 5, 2003

The products free of peanuts and tree nuts include Dum Dums, Super Dum Dums, Atomic Fireball Lollipops, Lemonhead Lollipops, Saf-T-Pops, Swirl Saf-T-Pops, Candy Canes, Cane Classics, Picture Pops, Marshmallow Shaped Peanuts, and Marshmallow Treats. If I can answer any other questions please let me know.

Spangler Candy Company DaWanda Van Buskirk Laboratory Supervisor

On Sep 5, 2003

Danielle, is this an email response that you received from Spangler?

I think I would not be comfortable with the "Peanut shaped" marshmallows! Seems kind of strange...

Theresa: No, I am not confortable with any chocolate...just my own comfort zone.

Alex's Mom: I am with you, non food items are the best way to go! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

On Sep 6, 2003

Yes, it was the last part of the e-mail response from Spangler. I did not copy the entire response because at the end of the response it says to not copy the entire response so I only copied the end part. I guess it is a copyright thing.

On Sep 16, 2003

raising [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

On Sep 17, 2003

raised for Tommi

On Sep 24, 2003

Pandlehandle Premium has their Nestle Canada mini-chocolate bars assortment available for US$21.50 plus shipping. The box contains 100 mini-bars that are guaranteed to be peanut-free (Aero, Kit Kat, Smarties and Coffee Crisp).

The web site is [url="http://www.panhandlepremium.com"]http://www.panhandlepremium.com[/url]

They also have regular size bars available. They can ship to anywhere in the USA.

For those of you in Canada, you can pick up this package at your local Costco or Loblaws/A&P/Shoppers Drug Mart/etc. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/biggrin.gif[/img]

(note: if you order the mini-bars, you must order the [b]Nestle[/b] mini-bars as they are peanut-free - the Cadbury mini-bars are labelled as "may contain peanuts")

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On Sep 24, 2003

Erik, I was so happy to get an email from Mark Grim of Panhandle Premium about the Halloween specials, and ordered the Nestle minis yesterday! Yippee! I also ordered a box of Caramilks for me since I've long ago run out. DS (PA) likes Smarties, and DH likes Coffee Crisp and Kit Kats. We'll all be happy campers!


On Sep 28, 2003

re-raising since we are getting closer to Halloween and I am doing my Halloween research while completing my safe list.

FYI: saw a commercial for Kit Kat and they are coming out with a Peanut Butter version!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why????????

On Oct 6, 2003

Peppermint Patties are another one I believe is safe.

And I just noticed mini bags of animal crackers and mini-oreos (depending on your comfort zone). We have trouble finding special treats since we have a toddler, she can't eat a lot of the other safe candy since it is a choking hazard.

Happy Haunting!

------------------ Mom to 2 y/o Karissa (PA >100 CAP RAST)

On Oct 8, 2003


Originally posted by Driving Me Nutty: [b]Peppermint Patties are another one I believe is safe. [/b]

Yes.. last time I checked, York Peppermint Patties were safe. But always check the label just in case [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

On Oct 8, 2003

i have only seen the stouffers brand mini animal crackers out and i thought that they were not safe. Theresa

On Oct 8, 2003

Theresa, yes, I have seen the mini bags of Stouffer's animal crackers as well as Halloween cookies in a box from them. I do not consider them safe either. We had a neighbor especailly buy a little box of the cookies for dd thinking they were a good safe sub for chocolate. I felt bad I had to send them to work with dh. I didn't have the heart to tell the neighbor, so I bet she will do this every year. This is where labelling really gets me. People make honest efforts to choose special things and the consumer is sucked in by bad labelling. It is such a nice gesture the neighbor makes. becca

On Oct 8, 2003

After I posted my suggestion about mini bags of animal crackers, I came across the recent thread about Stauffers - [url="http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/Forum11/HTML/000894.html"]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/Forum11/HTML/000894.html[/url]

So, I'll be giving these mini bags away to friends as I don't feel comfortable with them or the whale crackers by Stauffers now.

On Oct 17, 2003

I thought I could add to the list of safe candy thanks to my wife's research. See the product list from Tootsie Roll Industries and their email comments:


Tootsie Rolls Tootsie Pops Flavor Roll Twisties Tootsie Peppermint Pops Frooties Caramel Apple Pops Dots Fruit Smoothie Pops Tropical Dots Hot Chocolate Pops Crows Child

On Oct 17, 2003


Tootsie Rolls Tootsie Pops Flavor Roll Twisties Tootsie Peppermint Pops Frooties Caramel Apple Pops Dots Fruit Smoothie Pops Tropical Dots Hot Chocolate Pops Crows Child

On Oct 23, 2003

I just visited [url="http://www.kraft.com"]www.kraft.com[/url] and noticed an Oreo for Halloween with Orange filling.

I will look for these in the store although I have not seen them in my travels.

We are having a Halloween party in my sons kindergarten class and thought I would bring Halloween marshmallow peeps by Just Born and the Oreos would be a good thing too. We do not allow any baked goods and this would be a safe alternative that the kids would enjoy.

I am also thinking of donating PhillySwirl for our class parties as an extra special treat, especially for our end of year picnic. There are a number of peanut allergic children in our school and this would be a perfect treat for the kids and help gt the word out that PhillySwirl is 100% nut free and a super allergy aware company!