halloween party at the library

Posted on: Tue, 10/16/2001 - 12:04pm
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I want some advice. I took my kids to a halloween party at the library. the kids had a lot of fun and every thing went well but i panicked when the librarian said that the kids can look for candy in a secret hiding place and eat it. I don't like this game because i feel like i have less control over what my child could find and eat when i don't know where the candy is and don't see it before he does. They did this at other holidays. I did say something but i got into a disagreement with my brother and a friend because they feel that it ruins the fun of other children and I just need to watch my child very closely and if i want i should call ahead to find out what candies are there. he does not feel I have the right to say anything to ruin other peoples fun for the sake of one child. I have gotten into a run in with my mother because I have spoken up to other people when i see a dog, especially a puppy, on a playground or near one and not on a leash. my child is severelly allergic to dog sputum as well. I see dogs at the kids games all the time but most are on leash. I just want to know how other people feel. I don't want to be to pushy but i also don't want to use the epipen just an avoidable accident has occurred. I think that is what bothers me the most. I feel like my family and friends wont really care unless they are burden with the resposability of watching a child and having something go wrong and deal with it. It is no fun. I don't think i am the only one to feel this way. Sorry to ramble. Halloween is my childs birthday and it does not seem like a fun birthday to have.

Posted on: Tue, 10/16/2001 - 12:32pm
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Never feel sorry for keeping your child safe! Do what you need to do--everyone would feel sorry if your son has a reaction. I have a study from John Hopkins of a child who died 2 hours after eating jelly beans (peanut flour inside) at school. The school's regrets are too late to help that child. Be safe.


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