Halloween face makeup?


Hi all; I did a search and didn't find anything on this topic and I sure need some input :-)

4 yr old DD is going to be Minnie Mouse this yr and I want to paint her face with a big pink nose, etc...but then I got to looking at all the 'face paints' makeups, etc out there and they are obviously not labeled with allergens--most don't even have ingredients listed! :-(

Have any of you used them and if so, any brands or stores that you trust the most?

Thanks! Lisa

On Oct 10, 2005


On Oct 11, 2005


I bought a lot of mineral makeup from them in bright colors about 6 months ago and use it for many things for the kids. They have trial sizes which are perfect for them. You can mix the colors with a bit of vaseline or other product to do lips or to make it thicker. They are completely safe. No peanut, tree nut, gluten, wheat, egg,soy,milk.... only minerals.