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Posted on: Mon, 11/01/1999 - 1:28am
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Hi all! I was quite distressed last night going through my son's halloween candy looking for all the peanut products. In the end we got a whole shopping bag full of chocolate bars which "may contain traces of nuts". One which concerned me in particular was a Cadbury Dairy milk bar. One wrapper had the warning...one did not! I found the same problem last year with a Cadbury Crunchie bar. There is no 800 number on the wrappers and last year I e-mailed the company with no response. Does anyone have a 800 number for Cadbury out there? I would really like to call and get some clarification on this misinformation!

Thanks and stay safe,

Posted on: Sun, 10/29/2000 - 5:19am
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Do you remember what brands you were looking at? I just bought some Trolli brand gummy worms to put in the kids' Halloween pumpkins, that (by looking at label) appear to be safe.

Posted on: Sun, 10/29/2000 - 5:39am
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See brenda's post under the heading: Already starting my "Safe Halloween Candy" List, it's in the Products Forum. She checked with the manufactor of Trolli and they ARE SAFE.
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Posted on: Mon, 11/01/1999 - 1:59am
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Hi Kathy
Sorry to hear about your halloween experiences.
My father works in Cadburys, so I will ask him tonight what the situation is (as far as I know, most of the Cadburys products in Canada are exported from Ireland). I wouldn't trust his judgement completely, but it should give you a better idea as to why some bars say yea, and some say nay!
Stay safe.

Posted on: Mon, 11/01/1999 - 3:34am
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What I found stressful was the majority of chocolate-type candy we received was in the bite-size form where no ingredients were listed at all. Of course, there were the obvious ones, but we opted to stay away from anything that wasn't hard candy or fruit snack treats, or had no ingredients listed. It was a disappointing night in terms of how many treats we had to dispose of, but our son was safe and had a good time. Yeah!

Posted on: Mon, 11/01/1999 - 12:05pm
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Yes, it seems the "may contain" peanuts are growing every month, it's depressing. My poor PA 12 year old got braces recently, so her allowed halloween treats this year are even less than before. Gum, gummys, tootsie rolls, etc are on the no-no list too. Poor kid, she's an awful good sport about it, though!

Posted on: Mon, 11/01/1999 - 6:32pm
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Hi Kathy
I spoke to my dad who in turn spoke to a guy from the lab in Cadburys. He said that the reason some would have the warning and others would not is because they use the same vats for making the bars, let me give an example to explain myself properly.
On a Monday, Cadburys may use vat A to make a Fruit and Nut bar (hazelnuts). The vat is steam cleaned overnight. On Tuesday, the same vat may be used to make Dairy Milk. Any bar that comes out of the vat on Tuesday will display may contain traces of peanut / nuts. The vat will again be cleaned on Tuesday night. If the same vat is used for Dairy Milk again on Wednesday, they won't display the warning (they will assume that all traces will be gone at that stage).
That isn't very reassuring, is it? It seems like the more we learn, the less we can eat.
I'll try and get some more information on the prosses they use in Cadburys and let you know. Some of it may not be relevant as a lot of the chocolate you eat is exported from the UK, which has a totally different system to Ireland.
Stay safe.

Posted on: Tue, 11/02/1999 - 9:11am
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Thanks Gwen. That helps a little, but how sure can we be when companies ASSUME the traces have been cleaned? I don't know. Thanks again for the info!

Posted on: Fri, 08/31/2001 - 12:32am
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My son is allergic to gluten (wheat, barley, oats, rye), dairy, soy, and nuts so candy for us is quite the challenge. The two products that I have found that are free of these allergens are Smarties and Dum-Dum lollipops.
Smarties is made by Ce De Candy ([url]http://www.smarties.com[/url] or 908-964-0660). The Smarties made in the USA are way different than those in Canada so really double check if the Smarties you buy are peanut "safe".
Dum-Dums is made by Spangler ([url]http://www.spanglercandy.com[/url]). They also make saf-T-pops, Astro Pops, and Candy Cane & Cane Classics. I haven't been able to find those products in our stores, but you could double check in your area. Also, double check that they are "safe" since I only checked for the Dum-Dums.
I've also read that Tootsie (who makes Tootsie pops, Charms, Junior Mints, Sugar Daddy, Sugar Baby, Charleston Chew, Dots, S'Morsels) is "safe" from nuts, but they have soy or dairy so these are "off" our list.
Also, you could check out Airheads ([url]http://www.airheads.com[/url]). They have soy so again, these are "off" our list.
Then there's Pez. Since my son already has his sugar fix with the Smarties, I didn't get him these but I think they're an option.
You might want to check out Trolli Candy (515-782-5380) for their Gummy Worms and Apple Os. I couldn't find Apple Os and we don't use gelatin in our household so we don't buy the Gummy Worms. But, these might be options for you.
Lastly, I'm sorry to sound like a broken record, but before you give your munchkin any of these candies from my list, please do double check the ingredients with the manufacturer as ingredients and processing procedures do change. I hope my list has helped! Warmly, Julie B.

Posted on: Fri, 08/31/2001 - 8:56am
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I stick with Vermont Nut Free and the Spangler company. My son also has Starburst.
You can go on the Spangler website and order their candy. I got a big bag of Dum Dum lollipops. I was fortunate to find the candy canes in the store last year, but again ordering online is an option.
I am not looking forward to Halloween.

Posted on: Sat, 10/09/2004 - 7:58pm
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The Daisy Thanks You


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