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I know there are some threads of this company, but I just got the following response which sounds like they are making some progress in the allergy labeling dept...lemme know what you think

"The Hain Celestial Group's labeling declares major allergens (peanuts, soybeans, milk, eggs, fish, crustaceans, tree nuts, and wheat) and we follow the U.S. FDA's regulations. In addition, our labeling always declares gluten containing ingredients. We recognize the serious nature of the allergen issue and we strive to minimize risk.

Both major and minor ingredients of all products, as well as all processing procedures and equipment, are closely scrutinized and all potential allergen issues as determined by the Hain Celestial Group are declared on our labeling.

We assure you that strict manufacturing processes and procedures are in place and that all of our manufacturing facilities follow rigid allergen control programs that include staff training, segregation of allergen ingredients, production scheduling, and thorough cleaning and sanitation"

On Apr 1, 2008

i have gotten the sesame st. cookies for my daughter and my PA son has eaten them. my friend also lets her son with many food allergies eat this brand. i was concerned because of info on this site but liked the allergen statement on box. if it says nuts are in separate area and good mfg. practices are used then i know they understand and i use product. my son was fine. loved the cookies and i am very strict with what i let him have.