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Has anyone found "safe" gummy bears? Has anyone used and/or Black Forest Gummy Bears?

We're looking for gummy bears for school.


On Aug 11, 2003

I have found safe gummy bears made by DARE FOODS and TREBOR ALLAN. I am in Canada though, so I am not sure if those brands are available in Florida (I did see Trebor Allan in New York).

On Aug 11, 2003

Brach's and Trolli gummy bears are both safe.

On Aug 12, 2003

I have contacted Trolli about gummy worms and was told they make nothing with any peanut.

Lauren's mom, when I called Brach's about candy corn last fall, they left me a message that all their candy was on shared equipment and they would be changing labels to reflect this more accurately. Have you called them more recently than that? becca

On Aug 12, 2003

Here is contact info I found for Brach's:


Q - Where can I get allergy information about your products?

A - Contact our Consumer Relations group at [email][/email], or call 1-800-283-6303.

They do make products with peanuts, so if they use shared lines it could be dangerous:

[i]BRACH'S French Burnt Peanuts are made using fresh roasted Georgia Peanuts, and then covered in a red sugar crystal candy coating. The crunchy texture makes these the perfect bite size snack[/i]

On Aug 16, 2003

I called Brach's and they said that the gummy bears are made in a separate facility that is peanut/tree nut free.

I would be interested to hear if anyone else has called them and if they got the same response.

On Aug 18, 2003

Yes, I spoke with them in June and was told absolutely that all their gummy products were safe and made in a completely different facility.

On Aug 18, 2003

Wow! that is good news. I will have to call myself to compare against the info I recieved when I called on the candy corn. Maybe they meant all the products *in that facility*, not thinking the brand has other stuff from other facilities. Thanks for posting this. becca

On Aug 19, 2003

I to was told that there gummy bears and fruit flavored snacks were safe.

On Aug 19, 2003

I called last week and got the same response - that their gummy bears and fruit snacks are made in a peanut/nut free plant. My son was so excited he could have the Hot Wheels fruit snacks!

On Aug 23, 2003

Black Forest Gummies are NOT safe! I looked at a bag last year in my kids pre-school. It said "MAY CONTAIN...." (I actually dug the bag out of the trash dumpster to see what my kid had in his mouth!!! story for another time...he was ok)


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