guittard chocolate and melting wafers for molds


I have emailed Guittard this week. They are a nut free company, and make melting candies for molds. I did a search and did find some mention of people getting them from a baker's catalog where they are repackaged from bulk, adding some risk. On this site(the official carrier they recommended to me), it apprears they are in the packaging from the factory. Here is a copy of their allergy statement for all of their products.

"Guittard Allergen Policy

Dear Customer,

The subject of allergens has become of great interest in the food world and we would like you to know how allergens and being addressed at Guittard Chocolate.

There are three situations in which allergens are present at Guittard Chocolate. First, all of our chocolate (non-dairy containing dark chocolate as well as milk chocolate) are produced on common manufacturing equipment. Since chocolate from a previous milk chocolate run may remain in the system (walls of tanks, inside piping, etc.), we cannot guarantee that the dark chocolate will be free of milk proteins. For this reason, any dark chocolate which does not have any dairy ingredient as a component of its formulation includes a prominent statement immediately following the ingredient statement that declares: Processed on equipment previously used to process milk chocolate.

Second, all of our chocolate is formulated with soya lecithin—less than 0.5%. Since there is a trace level of soya protein that is present in the lecithin, all of our chocolate includes labeling that declares the source of the lecithin as “soya”.

Third, we do have almonds present in our facility. These almonds are restricted to production on a single depositing line that does not run any Guittard products in these molds. Rework from this line does not re-enter the Guittard chocolate manufacturing system.

We do maintain a complete HACCP program including personnel training as it relates to allergens in our facility.

We hope that this information is sufficient for your needs. Should you have further questions, please do not hesitate to call us.


Edward S. Seguine Vice President Research & Development / Quality Assurance"

Theor prices are very reasonable, not sure on shipping, but I plan to order some for safe lollies! Becca

On Oct 17, 2002

I just got some guittard chocolate decoratifs from dicks coffee service [url=""][/url] (these are like choc. sprinkles) i did email because this company repackages them into smaller amounts and the company emailed back that the chocolates do not come into contact with peanuts or nuts. This company seems ok and emails back promptly... call and check of course.

On Oct 18, 2002

I have used these melting chocolates for a long time with no problems. My problem is that the store where purchased them went out of business. Do you have a web address for them?


On Oct 18, 2002

[url=""][/url] just to give you an idea of what they have, all inclusive. I would love to track down some of the Easter chocolate eggs.

Then that links you to: [url=""][/url] when you click on "company Store"

They must be their official suppliers. They have other nice products like Non-pareils, and melt away mints. I have not tried any of their products yet, but plan to order some melts for lollies for Christmas.

Have you tried the flavored melts, or just chocolate? becca

On Oct 20, 2002

I emailed california candy a while back and they said that while the guittard is prepackaged, they sell a lot of items with nuts and the actual package outsides might be cross contaminated (from handling) and they didn't think I should buy from them. I really didn't want to clean off the outsides of every bag so I didn't order. I wish I would have saved that email.


On Oct 20, 2002

I guess it comes down to a comfort zone thing. Personally, I am happy what is in the bag is safe. Given your tip, I will wipe the outer bags as I unpack, thanks! I just figure that type of risk is everywhere, and even worse. Playgrounds where kids eat, any public eating area like a food court, amusement parks, groceries-who knows how things are handled and unpacked? Although, I understand keeping the home a safe haven as well. Very important to have a safe place with little to no worries! becca

On Oct 21, 2002

Becca, I have used the guittard chocolate melts and the green mint ones for years now with no problems. I make tons of pops and save lots of money. I also make chocolate coved fruit and pretzels with it. Also try adding crushed rice crispies to make your own crunch bars or fluffernutter to make your own mallow cups. The possibilities are endless. I'm with you regarding comfort zone. Thanks for the link! Denise

On Oct 21, 2002

Denise, thanks so much! I am going to place an order to make holiday treats! I have done some Eater egg pops, and solids, and crispy and raisin clusters with Wilton products, but these look safer. I was searching for a brand with a stronger allergy statement and found it. Worth it to pay a little more on shipping for peace of mind, and I suspect it may be a better(more premium) product. The mint flavor and some of the colors look great, and I can color white melts if I use Wilton dyes(we shall see). Now I am searching for turkey molds! This allergy has me collecting so many things to make crafts over foods, or to make safe food treats for dd that I need a new closet for all my collections, yikes! Always scouring the craft stores for fun molds and cookie cutters and safe decorations and sprinkles....and that is just edibles! becca

On Oct 22, 2002

I am in the US-- and called my local baker supply shop in town-- and they sell Guittard by the 5 lb. bag! As soon as my son wakes up-- guess where we are going! Thank you for this great info!

On Oct 22, 2002

I know what you mean. I have every kind of mold imaginable so tat I cn make my dd treats for all occasions. Now my other 3 kids with no PA want homemade candies also!So, I'm always making pops.

On Oct 25, 2002

Reraising for someone. Becca

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On Oct 25, 2002

Becca: thanks for raising momofjen: have you see "Toy Story" molds?

On Nov 12, 2002

I received my order and wanted to share that the two of my products arrived as repackaged bulk. I rechecked the website, and only one was actually pictured as if I should expect Guittard packaging. However, in hindsight, I might have noticed on the non-pareil item, since no packaging was pictured.

I emailed them, asking if they would be willing to send 3 replacement items at no additional shipping charge to me, since the picture, of at least one of the items was misleading. I explained my concerns re: cross contact with other items they might caryy in bulk. I will be interreseted to see if they are willing to do this. I did place a rather large order, and the replacements are less expensive.

Just a heads up to be sure of the packaging if you order. All of the met 'n mold and baking chips I ordered were in Guittard packaging. It was the smooth and melty mints and non-pareil chocolates that were bulk items. becca

On Nov 12, 2002

Well, they allowed me to choose 3 products to replace the useless ones, and I can give the unsafe products "to a friend". No additional shipping charges. Turns out one product is *usually* packaged by Guittard, but they were out and sent me bulk, instead. I am pleased with the way they handled it. I do not know for sure that the bulk items are unsafe, as they did not go into procedures. Just said they would send my alternative choices, no questions asked, as I had commented on having allergies when I ordered. I will do business with them again. becca

On Apr 9, 2003


On Apr 13, 2003

Raising for Danielle. becca

On Jul 8, 2003

Spoke to Guittard yesterday and was told that they make nothing with nuts or peanuts.

On Dec 4, 2003

raising. becca

On Dec 8, 2003

I just bought a 5 lb. package (thanks for the info!!) at Sam's Club. It was in the original Guittard packaging and had the "trace dairy" warning. It's for fondue at our Xmas party and wanted to make sure our adult TNA friend can fully partake and I'm sure there will be some chips left for ds cookies or treats.

On Nov 29, 2004

I cannot seem to get California Candy company site. Has anyone tried, or know of another site to order these products? I am in Ma, if anyone has them in stores. I really want butter scotch chips and mint ones, as I have access to plenty of safe chocolate and white chips(hershey and VNF, and Kellies). becca