Grrr. Exposition to nuts & peanuts tonight

Posted on: Thu, 11/18/2004 - 7:59am
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My son belongs to a chess club. And tonight one of the players decided she had to eat *right now* (couldn't she wait an hour?) and out come the peanuts and nuts. My son said nothing, and let her eat and play (she was his adversary).
Then my son realised a peanut piece was on the chessboard, right where he wanted to put his piece down. He freaked out.
Now he's sure he's going to get a reaction. I had him wash and wash his hands, and I gave him Claritin (more to calm his nerves than anything else), but the poor thing is so anxious....

As for me, I'm pissed. I usually avoid any outings with this particular family, because they eat all the time. They constantly have food with them, and since they're vegetarians, nuts, peanuts and legumes are all they eat. And I'm not kidding about having them eat all the time.

Posted on: Thu, 11/18/2004 - 8:18am
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darthcleo, I'm sorry to hear about what happened with your son trying to play chess tonight.
Of course, questions..... [img][/img]
To me (but I don't know how to play chess and never belonged to a chess club), I wouldn't think you would want to be eating anything when you're playing chess because it would muck up the pieces.
How long is a chess game? I mean how long is it that this child could not go without eating food?
I don't understand [img][/img]
Does the other child know that your son is PA?
As far as vegetarians eating nothing but nuts, etc., certainly, that *can* be true, but Chrikey, if the vegetarian kid has to stuff her face with something while she's playing chess with your PA son, could she not choose something else from her vegetarian menu?
Again, it's only this year that I've seen vegetarianism as an "excuse" not to "accommodate" PA children in the schools. I respect the choice to be a vegetarian, especially when it does involve children (you really have to worry about protein requirements), but, my soul....
Please let us know how your guy is.
On a side note - think it's absolutely commendable that your son is involved in an extracurricular activity like a "regular" kid (maybe because he is a regular kid, simply one with PA).
But what's with this constant eating? I cannot, for the life of me understand why you'd have to eat while you're playing chess. Eat before you go or as soon as you finish the game.
I'm not saying that my children starve. I'm not saying that I don't enjoy what I consider *good* food. But having everything focus around eating, well, I'll never understand it.
Your poor guy. Hopefully his anxiousness will lessen as the night goes along, but still.
Big hugs. [img][/img]
Best wishes! [img][/img]

Posted on: Thu, 11/18/2004 - 9:16am
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The chess club is an hour long. Not that long. And it's right before dinner too. If she eats then, she won't be hungry for dinner, that's for sure, but it's the family that eats anytime anywhere. Even at the pool. The kids are constantly getting out of the pool to take a bite.
Yes, the kid knows my son is allergic to peanuts, but she's only 8 yo (possibly 9 by now). And today the dad was in charge. The mom knows about the food allergy, but didn't give that info to the dad. He was quite apologetic, especially since I knew him from "before kids".
On a side note - think it's absolutely commendable that your son is involved in an extracurricular activity like a "regular" kid (maybe because he is a regular kid, simply one with PA).
Well, of course my son is involved in extracurricular activities. Homeschooled, or not, he *is* a regular kid...
We have activities every single day of the week, sometimes twice per day, except Sat. where I take it easy.
Chess, highland dance lessons, violin, swim & gym, arts etc.. he does it all. And he does more stuff than regular schooled kids, because he has more time available to him.
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Posted on: Thu, 11/18/2004 - 9:28am
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I think Cindy was using "regular" with regard to PA, rather than homeschooling. [img][/img]
We homeschool as well, but are quite restricted by airborne/contact reactions. Lately we are finding "normal" can equal "near-fatal" for M.
Your son's activities sound terrific. [img][/img] [img][/img]
*Edited to fix my "normal"/"regular" mix-up. It's been a long day, here, too.
I think we all have some pretty incredible kids, public-schooled, homeschooled, or otherwise. M is anxious to take up chess, too. Maybe (if things hit the competitive stage here) we could arrange a peanut-free cyber match!
This will wind up bumping this up again tomorrow, so feel free to shoot me if shootin' is required!!! (I felt sheepish about the misquote, and wanted to fix it.)
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Posted on: Thu, 11/18/2004 - 10:23am
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Quote:Originally posted by M'smom:
[b]I think Cindy was using "normal" with regard to PA, rather than homeschooling. [/b]
Quite possibly, although I do choose the activities based on the probable absence of food. He's touch-sensitive too, although "not that allergic". So far he's only gotten hives once from a touch reaction, and nothing worse than that. (Touch wood!)

Posted on: Thu, 11/18/2004 - 10:40am
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Quote:Originally posted by M'smom:
[b]I think Cindy was using "normal" with regard to PA, rather than homeschooling. [img][/img]
normal? [i]normal[/i]? where is the word "normal". don't remember it, can't find it. [i](holding giant eraser)[/i]
[i]maybe someday, I will have found all references...............[/i] [img][/img]
How did the word "normal" make it into this conversation again?

Posted on: Thu, 11/18/2004 - 11:09am
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Cindy was using the term "regular" instead of "normal"....

Posted on: Thu, 11/18/2004 - 11:57am
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Anonymous (not verified)

Did I somehow get myself into sh** again? I said "regular". It had nothing to do with homeschooling, although I know that darthcleo does homeschool.
My point has been, and I made it in another thread this week or last (Sarah's re the cub scouts experience she's having with Will) is that we try with our PA children for them to do extracurricular things and we try, whereas we could simply say, my child is PA, I'm living in a bubble and we're not doing that. KWIM?
My children actually don't do extracurricular activities. Not because of anything to do with them. It's to do with Idiot Woman here who doesn't drive and being able to find something that I can get to (especially with our long winter months coming) easily with both children, on foot. But it's not PA related that my children don't do extracurricular things.
I know when we did have say a few things available to us, say story hour in Stayner at the library (big whoop, I know), we did do it. In all kinds of weather (and me usually taking other children with me whose Mothers couldn't be bothered taking their kid into town).
Maybe I'm not being clear.
Our children could solely go to school or be homeschooled. A lot of times extracurricular activities does involve consideration of PA (and I'm sure there are some cases where the decision is made not to partake).
But at least we're trying (not me, but others).
Sorry, didn't mean to get in sh**. Didn't mean to be unclear.
I'll re-read later, if I can, horrible evening, I lost it and sat in the lobby of my apartment building (oh joy, oh bliss) but now Without a Trace is coming on.
I just really don't feel that food should be involved with something like chess - I don't know why (as I say, I don't even play or know how to), but it's that muck factor.
No, I was in support of darthcleo and can't understand how I've been misconstrued (if I have) again.
Best wishes! [img][/img]

Posted on: Thu, 11/18/2004 - 1:03pm
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Quote:Originally posted by Alternative to Mainstream:
It's to do with Idiot Woman here who doesn't drive and being able to find something that I can get to (especially with our long winter months coming) easily with both children, on foot. [/b]
no sweat, I don't either. I mean, the 1984 F-250 diesel we recently, I mean, my husband recently purchased.
[i]I've only been able to bring myself to walk around it at this point.[/i] The mouse thing still has me creeped out. That and the funny angle of the tires.
Can't complain tho. Hubby has been leaving me the rental to drive......ooooooooooooooooooh. [i]new car smell[/i] [b]*joy*[/b]

Posted on: Thu, 11/18/2004 - 1:04pm
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Anonymous (not verified)

I have never voiced the opinion on this board (or in *real* life) that home schooled children were not "regular" or "normal" children.
I have voiced the opinion that I didn't think I was capable of homeschooling my children (too disorganized, too chaotic).
I am actually in awe of parents that do homeschool and are able to do so, I'm simply not one of them.
darthcleo, when I responded to you, although yes, I definitely know that you homeschool your children, my post had nothing whatsoever to do with you homeschooling your children, especially the "regular" comment.
Best wishes! [img][/img]

Posted on: Thu, 11/18/2004 - 10:54pm
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Trying to put myself in someone elses shoes (which probably smell LESS than mine, but are SMALLER than mine...)
Playing chess against someone who's eating peanuts, and I'm peanut allergic...
If I'm 9? and touch reactive? I'd probably stop, and leave the game... I'd have to think I'd be too scared to play. Or before she begins (or he) to eat, I'd ask not to eat.... if I'm brave enough at that age...
Face it.. You'd have to TOUCH their pieces (unless you're REALLY bad and you don't take their pieces..) and they'd have been moved... and then your situation, with a piece on the board... That'd be common enough with eating ANY food... shouldnt be eating when playing anyways...
Flashback to Jr year at High School -- funny story time.. grab your popcorn:
Playing in a chess tournament game, I make a move which LOOKS like a foolish sacrifice of major piece -- I let go of my piece (signifying move over) look at it and comment 'Oh hell...' and look as if frustrated with my stupid play...
Opponent senses massive capture, and takes major piece... happily glowing [img][/img]
I make my move, go in for the kill -- a set up! I move my piece -- 'Checkmate' I declare
I get up, and walk away. Game over. The other player sat, devastated... knowing they fell for my trap! A-ha!
End of witty story [img][/img] (I Love chess stories..)
Continue with daily chores.
[b]* ENRICHED * [/b]


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