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growing out of peanut allergies

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I was told by my sons allergist that he has a 50% chance of growing out of this allergy. He tested strongly at 1 yr. and was again tested at age 4 when starting preschool. He didnt react to the later test until the full reaction time had almost alapsed and was very faint. using this info the allergist has told me to retest him when he is 6 and hopefully he will have outgrown the allergy. At the last testing I was also told it was safe to continue to give him foods he had priviously eaten that now had begun to state: may contain peanut traces. He has continued eating these with no problems . After reading this website I'm beginning to wonder if we have just been lucky . Any advise or stories on outgrowing peanut allergies would be appriciated

On Sep 15, 2000

That's interesting your child's allergist said there was a 50% chance he would outgrow his peanut allegy. My daughter's pediatrician said that this type of food allergy is one of the most life-threatening food allergies to have and very unlikely one in which people will outgrow. My daughter has seen an allergist but he did not suggest she be tested for peanut allergy - he said from my accounts, she was definitly allergic. I do read every label, as I'm sure you do, and do continue to avoid ones which even say "may contain traces of peanuts", or "manufactured in a plant where other peanut products are made", such as regular m & m's. "It's a stinker of an allergy to have", as my pediatrician puts it. Good luck!