Grocery Store visits

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Does anyone else get concerned taking your PA child to the grocery store? Our grocery stores have huge open bins of loose peanuts and other nuts usually in the produce section. I've been afraid. I even wash the fruit and veggies extra hard and even with mild dish soap sometimes if they were near the peanuts. What do PA adults do? How do you shop safely?

On Jan 20, 2002

Ann S, My son has never had a reaction to shopping that I know of. I took them everywhere until they just started J.K. this fall. Now I do the shopping without them. My twins sat together in the cart side by side until they didn't fit in there anymore, then they were on their own pushing those little kiddie carts around with me. They did have peanuts in shells in the produce section,and other nuts, but we stayed away from touching them. He did have a few sneezing attacks always in the same section (bulk, jared peanut butter,jarred peanuts, etc) and I clued into that after a few episodes) that something was up with that particular aisle, so I always avoided it. He hasn't had a sneezing episode to peanuts in shells but it seems like the jarred peanut butter, and peanuts, and receese peanut butter cups really bother him, I still haven't figured that one out.