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I know I saw this at one point but w/o the search feature I could look all night so I am posting the question.

Does anyone know how to get the number for the Great Value (Walmart brand ) products? They have Ritz type crackers that are listed as kosher pareve (meaning my dairy allergic son should be able to eat them) but I wondered if they were peanut safe. I also need to double check shared dairy lines as many of their other products are listed as kosher dairy. I don't see a phone number on the package, only an address. BTW ..that really annoys me when there is no # !!!!


On Feb 22, 2001

Should be right below this thread now, Multallergy! =) My PA son eats the snack crackers, cheese crackers, and wheat crackers all the time with no problems. We also use the GV biscuits, dinner rolls, and cinnamon rolls with no problems. But, as always, check into things yourself. Good luck!

On Feb 23, 2001

This is the Wal-mart product phone number. 1-800-WAL-MART. I know because I called it about 10 minutes ago. Wal-Mart uses many manufacturers and this the central #

I called to check on the Sam's Choice Extra Raisin Oatmeal cookies. I was calling about the natural flavors and while I was on the phone I notice that down at the very bottom there was a "manufactured in same facility" statement. I still wanted to check and see how close the cookies are to peanuts. The person I needed to talk with wasn't in and they said it could a few days for that person to call me.

Would you or anybody reading this be OK with the manufactured in same facility statement?