Great Steak and Potato Co. cooks with peanut oil


I was at the mall food court today and my son spied someone with a big plate of fries and asked if I could order some for him too. Fine, I asked the lady where she ordered it from and was told the Great Steak and Potato Co. I went to the counter and there was a sign proudly proclaiming that they only use 100% peanut oil. I guess I should be glad that they posted a sign, but, "sigh" another place to avoid like the plague. Just thought I'd pass this on. -Cindia

On Nov 8, 2001

Thanks for the info, food courts scare me! We once visited a pizza place at a mall food court and when we asked, they used peanut oil for the french fries! Shocking! Pizza restaurants are "usually" safe. This is why we always ask questions. Not only should places stop using peanut oil, but if they do they should post a huge sign!

On Jun 27, 2004

Found out today that they still cook in peanut oil!

On Jul 2, 2004

I don't react to peanut oil. Most places these days use soybean oil, which I *do* react to--even on contact. Great Steak & Potato company always has a sign proclaiming the use of peanut oil. I just wish other restaurants would do that same, no matter WHAT oil/grease they use.

I eat fries from Great Steak & Potato company about a dozen times a year and haven't had a reaction. I know some of you might, but keep in mind that all those other restaurants are a constant danger to some of us, too.

I'm currently dealing with the aftereffects of several days of allergic reactions (some rather nasty) as a result of being around distant family who would hug me with soy-contaminated hands. It was a funeral, so I was less stand offish than usual. I'm paying for it now, all because of soy.

If I sit down at a food court table, I'm asking for hives or worse, so I don't do it. It's rather simple to get my fries and go eat outside, dispose of the remainder, and wash my hands.


On Jul 2, 2004

The reason you may not react to peanut poil is that highly refined peanut oil (ie: Planters) should be free of the peanut protein (the allergy is caused by the protein).

However, cold-pressed peanut oil is filled with peanut protien so you should avoid that as it would be likely to cause a reaction.