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Posted on: Thu, 03/17/2005 - 7:11am
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I am so happy to report that my four year old son, (he will be five in may) Matthew tested negative to peanuts and tree nuts with the CAP RAST. I am so relieved! We waited a very long time, obviously, to find this out. Somehow we kept putting it off, since his preschool (and our home, obviously) is nut free, and it has been so easy to keep him away from peanuts and tree nuts.

Now that he will be going to kindergarten we felt that it was time to truly find out. I am SO happy!!! I hate to be too happy, because it seems unfair to my older one who is saddled with these allergies. However, I cannot even imagine what an amazing relief it will be to not have to worry about food with him!!!!!!! This will be such a change for us.

My dd was with me when the nurse called. I hope I didn't sound too happy. I am sure that dd (age 10) well understands that it is better for her brother not to have allergies. Still, I do know that misery loves company, and I am sure it would have been nice for her not to be the only one in the family.

My little guy is happy. I will have to find a time to give him something with peanuts/peanut butter in a safe place away from sister. I do not want his first exposure to be away from me, just in case.

I just wanted to share my good news! Hard to believe that I was pregnant with Matthew when I first found this site, and now he will be heading off to kindergarten!

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