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[url=""][/url] is great website for information reguarding allergies, asthma, and immune disorders. It is the number one respiratory hospital in the US and one of the leading research hospitals in the country for allergies/ asthma. I went to National Jewish Medical and Research Center for treatment/ comprehensive workup for my severe asthma/ multiple food allergies and I highly recommend it for anyone else who is having a hard time managing your child's asthma. If you want details of my experience feel free to email me.


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On Sep 26, 2003

Another great link, thanks again for posting and sharing! We are in the middle of fall/back to school allergy and hay fever season and are suffering here....the kids and I are congested and on lots of meds...looking forward to the first frost and cooler temps.

On Sep 26, 2003

Yes, great link...Thanks!!