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Great eggless cheesecake

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My dear daughter not only suffers from peanut allergies and asthma, but is also serverely allergic to eggs as well! I had an incredable receipe for cheesecake which contained like a dozen eggs, everyone loved it, but my daughter couldn't have any. So i tried the no bake jello cheesecake, Disgusting!!!!!! sorry jello, it just tastes instant. Then i tried knox brand gelatin's receipe on the box, with my own made graham cracker crust. EXCELLANT!! Everyone loved it, had no idea it was no bake or eggless for that matter!!! Helpful hint, don't beat until just smooth, beat the heck out of it. It's so creamy and delicous, especially when made with philadelphia brand cream cheese, and DO let it soften first! VERY EASY!

On Apr 3, 2007

Anybody try this cheesecake? I am going to make it for Easter. The Knox site also has some other interesting recipes (eggfree).


On Apr 3, 2007

Thanks for sharing. My DD is also allergic to eggs and I love cheesecake, but haven't had it for a LONG time. Does anyone know if there is a safe premade graham cracker crust or do I have to make my own???


On Apr 4, 2007

People seem to trust Keebler and their site has ingredients for the products and will also mention may contains. The crusts appear to be ok.

I might give the Keebler crusts a try. If I make the one that uses a premade crust.

On Apr 9, 2007

Well, it was a hit! Everyone said it was good/very good. No one said it was great though.

I am not much into cheesecake but this is the best egg free one I have made. To me, it definitely tasted like "no bake", which was fine.

Oh, and I used the Keebler ready made crust and all was fine.

HTH someone!

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