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grandson another reaction??

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Grandson was ill last nite, he had 101.6 temp, then his lip was swollen and he said his throat hurt & hurt to swallow. He is fine today! could this have been a reaction. His last reaction (nut allergy) his lip was swollen and he had sore throat and said it hurt to swallow, he was kept at hasbro over nite, with those symptoms last time he had a reaction, less the fever. Last nite my daughter said she felt he was getting flu, they had all had it, and said she felt he had no nuts, he was with her all day. she gave him tylenol and benedryl. He is fine today, no symptoms what so ever. My question is a tempeture an indication or symptom of nut allergy? Could this have been a reaction. Thanks, Just need to know if temp is also a symptom. So we will not take any chance next time and assume cold/virus/flu, thank god he is ok today!

On Mar 27, 2008

I do not have an answer to your question (sorry), but I just wanted to say, "What an awesome Grandma you are!!!"

On Apr 4, 2008

I can't say for sure about your grandson, but when I had my one ana reaction I "felt" really hot, but when the ER took my temp I was at normal levels (which for me is around 96.3). My hot feel was most likely due to the amount of blood rushing to my face.

But like everyone preaches, each reaction could be different from person to person or from reaction to reaction.

Clearly I'm not much help.