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My son graduates from college in two weeks. With honors, Phi Beta Kappa AND departmental honors. It is rare for a fiction writer to get departmental honors but he did!

Peanut wise he did so well. A couple of airborne reactions over the 4 years but no ingestion which would be the worst. He ate so carefully and worked so hard to stay safe.

He comes home to research Master's programs for next year. He's been offered a job at his former high school teaching writing AFTER he gets his Masters and a teaching certificate. That is so exciting for him. He taught a class this semester and loved it.

In the meantime he's hoping for a full time job at a book store.

Next week is his grad review where he defends his major to a committee of professors and peers. He's invited us and I just can't wait to be there. And then graduation. His program graduates by themselves, not part of the general population University graduation and I hear it is quite something to see.

I can't wait.

I came here needing support while sending him off to college, I got plenty! Thank you all.


On May 7, 2007


On May 7, 2007

Where have these past years GONE?? I cannot believe graduation already.

Many congratulations!!

Take big packet of kleenex to ceremonies. [img][/img]

~Elizabeth & family

On May 7, 2007

Congrats! You must be beaming with pride!

On May 7, 2007

Wow! (I agree-- how is this possible that he's already graduating???)

Good job to your smart cookie! Way to go!!


(And--Good job MOM!!)

You must be just bursting with pride in both of your terrific kids, Peg.

On May 7, 2007

Thank you folks, yes I am proud because I worked very hard and they are great kids. Oh I do plan to cry for graduation! Peg

On May 7, 2007

Congratulations Peg! [img][/img]

On May 7, 2007

How fabulous! You'll have to post a picture of him in cap and gown.

And, he'll know that secret handshake!

On May 7, 2007

They don't do cap and gown in the program he belongs to. He's going to wear his kilt. I'll be sure to get pictures.

And he loved learning the secret handshake, it was made for someone like him!


On May 8, 2007

Congrats Peg! Yes, it seems like yesterday when I was reading about your experiences while getting my daughter ready for college. Now she's finishing her 2nd year and your son is graduating. Unbelievable! I guess they are adults now. So why is it we still worry like back in grade school? [img][/img] Best wishes to you and your family!

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On May 8, 2007

Congratulations to your son! I remember how worried you were about him going to college and then for his semester in Scotland - it seems like only yesterday!

Enjoy yourself and take lots of pictures!

On May 8, 2007

Four years have passed already? No way! Congratulations to you and DS!

We've just started looking at schools for my elder (non-PA) son, and of course I'm thinking ahead to my little guy. It seems like in the past few years awareness has definitely increased. People like your son were the trailblazers. I'm anticipating an easier time than you all had at the outset.

Again, congratulations to your DS, and best wishes on this next phase in his life. [img][/img]


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On May 10, 2007

Peg, You and your son are my heros! Happy tears. Congratulations to you Both!

I have watched/read from afar these 4+ years, you joined not too long after I did. The thought of my then toddler growing, leaving the safest nest I could build, and making his way in the world on his own would always tighten my chest in fear. Your sharing the journey your family has traveled has helped me cope in so many ways. I thank you So Much. Hug your son for me, too.

------------------ Neil's Mom

On May 10, 2007

Thank you all for the nice words. I'll have all of you with me on graduation day. And I'll eagerly await news when your children reach this day as well.

I'm so sad, I wish his college years could go on forever. He had such fun and he grew so much. I know he's also sad but he is very ready to move on too!


On May 17, 2007

DS had his Graduation Review yesterday and we attended. Grad review is when the senior sits in front of a committee of professors, his advisor and chosen peers, plus the registrar to defend his degree and how he accomplished his goals.

It was wonderful. The room was packed. The graduate sends out invitations to the college community and so many people came.

He was amazing. Almost someone we did not recognize. He spoke softly and intelligently and charmed everyone in the room. His introduction made me cry (of course) it was so lovely and loving.

Two administrators mentioned how his PA helped bring new light to the program he attends because the University officials thought that this program could never manage to be successful in dealing with this sort of challenge. They were so wrong. Everyone did so well all 4 years.

People told amazing stories funny and poignant about DS and it was just so nice for us to hear. He was just in heaven when it was finished.

All night I dreamed about yesterday and what a beautiful day it was. Graduation is next week. Can't wait.


On May 17, 2007

I forgot to add that a Cuthulu puppet did some of the talking yesterday too. I guess I have to read Lovecraft now.

College kids are just the greatest! I love the atmosphere, the way they speak, the way they look (there was hardly ONE combed head in the room yesterdsy!) I love it all.

College is such a great time for kids to reinvent themselves. In a good way. I made sure DS knew that. He was always a good kid, quiet, bookish.

I remember he and I discussed that when I started Nursing School it was my first time away from home and I totally reinvented myself and totally BECAME the person I am today, at least started out on that process. A fun process too!

I can see DS took that advice to heart and really became the amazing man he is today.


On May 18, 2007

Thank you Peg. I think I'll show this to DS at some point.

On May 18, 2007

I will just use up my 6 allotted smilies per post right here, right now & altogether:

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On May 18, 2007

Thanks folks. I still feel like a million dollars. We all do.


On May 27, 2007

Yesterday was graduation. It was emotionally exhausting. I did not cry all that much but I had my share and Paul very generously let me.

His advisor spoke for him during the ceremonies and it was just beautiful. The ceremonies were so different from Becky's two years ago.

There were 30 graduates in the Johnston Center and each had someone speak for them maximum 2 minutes. It was funny, poignant and wonderful.

He's coming home tomorrow. He's going to rest, read, write and look for grad schools. His favorite one so far is actually less than one mile from home but I think his herald is so full (and his writing so good) he can apply to the top schools and see what happens. I think he needs to get further away from home and stretch those wings.


On May 27, 2007

Congratulations to your son - but a big congrats to you too, Peggy! You must be sooooo proud of him! Adele

On May 31, 2007

Peg, does your son know how much we know about him here? I for one enjoy reading your messages, particularly because you've gotten through all those school years with him and the allergy. And does he know how proud *total strangers* (sort of) are of him and of you? Now that he'll be in the working world, we'll be following how he does there.

On May 31, 2007

I let him know once in awhile what I read here especially if it's information he needs to know. He also knows that lots of people here have younger children and are watching to see how he does in the world. I know he knows how proud we all are.

And BTW you folks remember the period of time immediately following graduation? I am remembering when DD graduated two years ago it was a tough time. 23 moving BACK HOME, no job, worried, real world etc etc. She's fine now, working, apartment, friends, life outside of the family and all that.

Now my son is starting that journey and frankly I did it once and it was not fun. Luckily DD is talking to him and keeping him grounded but he misses his friends and his life at the University.

It's only a few days. He has some stuff coming up to keep him busy and then it's job and grad school hunting time.

Every age has it's time. Every stage has it's time. We go thru it and move on to the next.

Thanks for the accolades. He'll be happy hearing this.


On Jun 1, 2007

Peg...I am a little late on this thread, but wanted to say congratulations. You should be very proud.

My DD is going to be a junior with a Journalism major. She has always had a love for reading and writing. It is always amazing to read her stuff. I am just in awe.

Good luck to your son.

On Jun 11, 2007

Peg, just saw this thread and want to wish you and Paul CONGRATULATIONS! He did so awesome at college he'll do even better at grad school! You both paved the way for other students with allergies and challenges which is something to be very proud of!

Best of luck to him in whatever he chooses.

Also, glad to hear Becky is doing well on her own. My DS just graduated from Berklee and moved out there to LA. As much as we miss them, we can be proud that we gave them the wings to spread and be confident in what they choose to do. We have a lot to be proud of.

On Jun 11, 2007

Thank you. Right now he's applying for bookstore jobs, taking driving seriously (he's really not needed to drive till now plus no car) and looking into grad programs.

He's fun to be around. He's writing every day. All good stuff. I know this is a tough time after graduation. He seems to be fine right now.