Goya rice?


My PA son had a reaction after playing with dry rice in a big pot in my kitchen. the pot was clean, and there was nothing in it but a bag of Goya Rice. Within 5 minutes of touching it, my son's eye started itching.It progressed to hives on his face, down his neck, and a few on his chest. We left for the hospital with the Epi ready and my older dd next to my ds in the car. By the time we got to the hospital, ds was coughing, face swelling a bit, and wheezing some. They started him on IV antihistamine, breathing treatments, and oral steroids.

I called the Goya factory, and they say there is nothing but plain white rice produces in the factory. the allergist did RAST testing again, and my son is not allergic to rice. Has anyone encountered anything like this?

On Aug 4, 2006

Next time you go to the grocery, double-check what that rice is next to on the shelf. Could be cross-contamination in the store itself.

I read on your intro. that he is also allergic to peas? I know our rice is usually near the dried beans and peas in the store.

Take care, Daisy

On Aug 5, 2006

When I've called Goya in the past, they've told me that there's no chance of X-contam with peanuts or tree nuts on their regular food items (never asked about their crackers, etc.).


On Aug 5, 2006

i also called goya but i was told about two or three safe rices. we use the golden canilla and so does my mother in law. my son does not seem to like rice anymore so im thinking of trying a new one. maybe the bag had nut dust on it??? my son got puffy eyes at my friends house and the only thing i can think it was is the dogs?? sometimes its very confusing. about the other goya products, i thought i was told that i would have to call on each. were u told that they are all safe, the jarred peppers, etc?

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On Aug 5, 2006

I called Goya once a few years ago and they told me that they do not use any nuts for any of their products. We have used the rice mixes many times without incident.

My son is PA/TNA but has not had any reactions to legumes (though we've never given him lentils or lupini beans).