got tests back--help!!

Posted on: Thu, 08/09/2001 - 1:46am
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We got Michael's blood tests back. Now instead of peanut and soy allergies we are facing Severe Peanut, severe tree nut, severe egg (yolk and white), soy, wheat, cat, dog, and mild milk. I'm so stressed out. Our diet has decreased by about 95%. IS anyone in the same boat??? I could use a little understanding and encouragement right now. Tips would be nice too.

Posted on: Thu, 08/09/2001 - 3:10am
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With so many allergies you may be best off meeting with a nutritionist. Did your doctor refer you to one?

Posted on: Thu, 08/09/2001 - 4:32am
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Cheryl, I know what your going through.. My little guy used to be allergic to dog, cat ,milk, egg, wheat, peanut, seafood, peas, & turkey. Since then he has outgrown the milk, wheat, and turkey. But he had a very small selection of foods he could eat. We cut back on our take out and resturant foods and he seemed fine when we did go out and he would get a hamburger pattie and fruit. It will be ok. It just may mean that you need to prepare more of the meals at home. It seems like soy is in almost every prepared / frozen food. But on the plus side, I think our allergic kids may actually be healthier because they eat more basic foods and aren't exposed to as much chemicals, artificial colors and preservatives.

Posted on: Thu, 08/09/2001 - 5:28am
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Hi. I too know what you're going through. My son (age 3) has severe egg, peanut, nut, and dairy allergies. He used to be allergic to wheat, corn and pork also. We kept him on a strict diet with no wheat, corn or pork and slowly introduced those back into his diet. Luckily, it worked. Did your doctor suggest trying that? We bought a lot of food from our local GNC (rice bread, wheat, dairy and egg free waffles, rice crackers...and I know they have rice milk too). It is a good idea to see a nutritionist, ours, unfortunately didn't work though! She was very incompitent, but that's another story. It all sounds very shocking at first, but trust me, my son's over 3 now and he's very used to his restricted diet. Good luck

Posted on: Thu, 08/09/2001 - 5:44am
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My son tested positive also to milk,peanut,tree nuts, soy, sesame and eggs.
When we first skin-tested him, we already knew about peanut, soy and milk.
The day I found out about the other's I cried and cried. I felt so sorry for him and for myself. Between tear's I wondered " What in the world CAN I feed him?".
That was 3 1/2 yrs ago.
Today he has grown out of his soy ,sesame allergies and went from a 3 to a 2 for egg!
What Tom mostly eats is pasta,rice, potato,ham,some beef, roasted chicken, veggies,"safe" breakfast cereals, fruits,"safe" breads, "enriched" Rice Milk and oatmeal.
I also use alot of extra-virgin olive oil on his pasta and potatoes. He also likes "Fleischmans" unsalted margarine. Fleischmans has no dairy or lactose in it. This margarine is also what I use in baked goods in place of butter.
In Tom's case, even when he was allergic to soy he could still tolerate products with soybean oil. I would ask your allergist about this if your interested. I hoped this helps a little. Good Luck to you Love TLSMOM
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Posted on: Fri, 08/10/2001 - 12:41am
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Hello everyone. I am a new member and very happy to find a website that I can relate with. My daughter Rachael Mari is also a PA. At first we thought she was only allergic to peanuts. Then we found out she was also allergic to tree nuts. The worrying never stops. I will be taking her to the Dr. next week to have her tested for anymore allergies that she may have that we are not aware of. Last night was the scare of my life. For dinner we had chinese food. Before ordering I ask the owner if they use peanut oil for cooking and she said no. At that time I thought it is safe and that she can have just a little serving of it. That night as we lay in bed together while I was reading to her, she started crying and she was holding her throat. I ask what was wrong but all she did was cry and looked at me and I was able to understand "my throat is hurting". I immediately picked her up and took her to where I had the benadryl and the epipen. She has never had an anaphylactic shock before so I did not know if she was having one. I gave her benadrly and told her to chew it and swallow it. I watched her closely to see if the benadryl helped. It seemed to have calmed her and when she was ready to talk I asked her what did it feel like. She said that it felt just like the way it feels after she accidentally ate something that had peanuts in it. Which has happened before because of hidden ingredients. It occured to me then that even though the chinese place did not use peanut oil, there could have been traces of it in the wok that they used to prepare some chinese dish where they used peanuts like kungpao chicken and almond chicken. Although my daughter also had a glass of milk and a bowl of cookies and cream ice cream that same night, I hate to think that she might be developing a new kind of allergies to some other foods. I know we are not alone on this but it sure feels like it when it happens to the one that you love the most. I pray and hope that the vaccine that they are currently working on will be a success and that all children with these condition will be free from it. Thank you and good luck to all parents like us.

Posted on: Fri, 08/10/2001 - 3:10am
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Like many of you here, I also have a child with multiple food allergies. He was once truly allergic to almost everything. Now, however, he tests out as being allergic to more things than he in actuality is. My recommendation is to ask your doctor about removing all the new potentially offensive foods from his diet and adding them back one by one. (Obviously, do not add anything you know your child is truly allergic to.) You may (hopefully) find that he is able to tolerate some if not all of these additional foods. Additionally, cooking and processing foods alters the protein, so my son who can not eat raw eggs for example, can eat very well cooked eggs without problem.
Hope this helps.

Posted on: Mon, 08/13/2001 - 12:55am
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Hi Cherylb. Ours almost match yours. My 10 month old son Jake is allerginc to peanuts, eggs, soy, peas & dog. He may have Celiac disease (testing tomorrow) so we avoid wheat, oats, barley, & rye. He's lactose intollerant so we avoid all dairy. I now suspect allergy to citrus so I'm avoiding that. He hasn't been tested yet for tree nuts, fish or shellfish but we avoid these on principal (& I'm allergic to shellfish). He's breastfed so we both have to avoid all of these. What I mainly eat is: cream of rice cereal by nabisco, rice bread & rice pasta by Ener-G (company claims to be peanut free for last 6 months and is always wheat free--can mail order or find in health food stores), brown rice by carolina, sweet potatoes, potatoes, all fruits & vegetables, avocado is a great fat source, chicken, turkey, & pork. I use olive oil to cook with & add to salads & vegetable dishes. Balsamic vinegar is ok for wheat allergy too. Hope this helps and good luck.

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