Got RAST results, please help explain...


Results show: PA 3 Soy 1 Milk 0-1 Egg White 2 Egg yolk 0 Pestacio 1 Pecans 1 Cashews 1 Brazilian nuts 1 Almond 0 Wheat 0 Tuna 0 Shellfish 0 Cat 1 Dog 2

He drinks 30oz of milk a day and never had a problem, he eats all kinds of food with soy and never a problem. Is 1 low enough it does not matter. How severe is a 3 for PA? Also we have a dog does that mean we have to get rid of him?

On Mar 2, 2006

It looks as though you were given class status rather than the numbers for each allergen's IgE level. I can only tell you what we have been told and seen over the years. Didn't your physician discuss the results with you? It also depends upon the lab that did your results. I'll assume that this is a CAP RAST that runs from class 0 to 6. (But some labs will list from class 0 to 4, in which case class 2 means something different!) O is very low, essentially zero on most scales (less than 0.35 kU/L)

0/1 is slightly more than that, but is still most often not clinically "allergic"

Class 2 COULD be clincally allergic, but could be a non-symptomatic thing, too. So you'll probably just have to see if your child tolerates the dog. It wouldn't hurt to begin taking some measures like keeping it off of beds and bathing frequently, though. (If this is the more compressed scaling, though, this probably means your child is allergic to the dog.)

Class 3 is definitely allergic for most allergens.

Keep in mind that you can't have antibodies for something that your body hasn't ever seen. So a tree nut panel on a toddler may or may not tell you which ones they are going to be allergic to.

Call and ask what your doctor feels this means-- he or she knows your medical situation far better than we do.


On Mar 2, 2006

The RAST test was on a scale 0-6, she gave me these results and said that his IGE was 78 and should be below 60. She did not give me many answers because we go to a allergy/pulmonoligt specialist on Tuesday so she said he can go over the results in more detail with me.

I just wanted to know some of your experiences. Thanks for your help.

On Mar 2, 2006


Originally posted by momto1son: [b]Results show: PA 3 Soy 1 Milk 0-1 Egg White 2 Egg yolk 0 Pestacio 1 Pecans 1 Cashews 1 Brazilian nuts 1 Almond 0 Wheat 0 Tuna 0 Shellfish 0 Cat 1 Dog 2

What I take away from this testing?

Does your child have eczema, vomitting or ANY reaction from milk? If not, continue to give it.

Does your child react to ANYTHING on this list? If so, avoid it.

If not, continue giving it.

If child reacts to <1> nut/peanut, avoid them all. PERIOD. End of story.



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On Mar 2, 2006

The history of eating the foods and how the body responds is important. If your child has never eaten some of these foods and already is getting on the classification scale, I'd raise that issue specifically with the dr. If DC has only had exposure through trace amounts accidentally entering a food, getting more exposure through large quantities of the food might be dangerous. You may have to practice very careful avoidance for those things. I don't know how much you know about food allergies. I'd be happy to expand what I mean by careful avoidance if you'd like, and if it ends up being relevant.

On Mar 2, 2006


Originally posted by momto1son: [b]Results show: PA 3 Soy 1 Milk 0-1 Egg White 2 Egg yolk 0 Pestacio 1 Pecans 1 Cashews 1 Brazilian nuts 1 Almond 0 Wheat 0 Tuna 0 Shellfish 0 Cat 1 Dog 2 [/b]

These look more like skin prick results. Are you sure they are RAST (blood test) results? It makes a difference because the skin prick test is more likely to show false positives. That could affect your decision about whether or not to allow something that was positive on the test, but which does not seem to cause a reaction.


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On Mar 2, 2006

Yes it is the blood test, he has not had the skin test yet. They will do that next week when he goes to the allergist.

On Mar 2, 2006

Do you think you could find out the specific IgE level for each antigen? The results you are given were translated from IgE levels to class levels. I think the IgE is much better in telling you how allergic your child is. For example, peanut IgE of 5 and 15 belong to the same class, but a child with level of 5 has a much better chance of outgrowing it than one with level 15.

You don't need any additional blood test for this, it should already be in your report. THe IgE of 78 I think is a total IgE level, not a peanut specific.


On Mar 2, 2006

I called the ped office and left a message asking the nurse to fax me a copy of the report. When I get more info I will post it here. Thanks.

On Mar 2, 2006

Ok I got the report and it gives a number and then a class.

Peanuts 7.07 class 3 Egg White 2.05 class 2 Pistachio 0.47 class 1 Hazelnut 0.39 class 1 Cashew 0.39 class 1 soybean 0.41 class 1 milk 0.90 class 1 Dog 1.54 class 2

On Mar 2, 2006

OK. help me too. sorry if I am honing in on this thread. But, the RAST test has two numbers one KU/L My son is 4.72, But on percentage response he is 872. But one number puts him in category 3 and the other in 4. Am I reading this wrong? My allergists have both said he may grow out of it, but I thought they were holding out slim hope. (PA -- he has other allergies too).

On Mar 2, 2006

Dear Momto1son:

I think you should talk to your allergist. From my understanding, RAST has more false positive results (you are not allergic but the results are positive). Everything you said except peanut and eggs are really low. Especially if he can eat all the food without symotoms (eczema, astham, anaphylaxis etc), I'm not sure you can call him allergic. My daughter is PA and at one time had RAST for tree nuts that were all positive, level 1-2. The repeat one was negative and her skin test to tree nuts was negative as well. Does you doctor think he needs a skin test?

For peanut, I assume he had a reaction? His level is positive but not that high. Kids with level less than 5 have 60% chance of outgrowing it and his is just a little above it. I guess it remains to be seen.

Does he react to egg?