Good way to carry around Benedryl


The Benedryl bottle is a bit cumbersome (of course, I do it anyway), but I was wondering if anyone had a better system for carrying it around?

On Feb 8, 2003

Sometimes when space is tight I pre-measure 2 doses into those drug store syringes you use to give medicine to babies. A pharmacist can give you a couple for free, most likely. There is a cap for it and as long as it's in a fairly rigid container (ie. Epi-belt) it won't get "squished" and spill its contents. I use 2 separate syringes in case one does get squished. [img][/img]


On Feb 8, 2003

Tupperware has a product called a "Midget" and another, smaller one called a "Smidget." You can pre-measure a dose into these -- they are guaranteed to be leak-proof. (The Smidgets are small enough to slip into your pocket. In fact, they market them as great to carry pills, earrings, etc.)

On Feb 8, 2003

Since ds is on daily Zyrtec, I got samples from the allergist one day in little bottles. I just took the Zyrtec label off and put on one that said benedryl and "Whole bottle is one dose" and he carries that in his backpack and another in his fanny pack. HTH. Kristi

On Feb 9, 2003

Hi, Our prescription called for 1 large bottle. I asked our pharmacy to put it 4 small bottles. He wasn't thrilled with the extra work. But, I didn't care I don't think it was to much to ask. We ordered one of FAAN's new medicine pack. It has a place for 2 Epi's and an asthma inhaler. We put the little bottle in the inhaler pocket. We also stuck a measuring spoon (still in the package so it won't get dirty) with the Epi's. My son does have asthma but only about once a year when he has a cold. So I keep the inhaler in my purse. Hope this helps,rj.

On Feb 9, 2003

I carry around a bottle of benadryl but I recently purchased Benadryl "Chewable Tablets" 12 grape flavoured tablets are in a box.

The box lists a website [url=""][/url] and a toll free phone number 1-800-661-4659. It does state for children under 6 years to use Benadryl Children's Liquid.

Hope this helps.

On Feb 9, 2003

My son won't take the liquid Benadryl, so the quick-dessolve tablets have been a blessing for us... Unfortunately you can't buy them in Canada, but my best friend lives in the states and keeps me stocked. [img][/img]

On Feb 9, 2003

Teacher, I'm in BC and have bought the benedryl tablets for a few years. You should ask you pharmacist to get them in for you.

------------------ Cynde

On Feb 9, 2003

teacher: YES, they are available in Canada. I live in Ontario and just bought them. Check various pharmacies, maybe the one you go to was just out of stock.

On Feb 9, 2003

I really like all these good hints. I feel as though I spend a fortune on Benadryl bottles that never (fortunately) get used. I will look into some of these alternatives. [img][/img] Miriam

On Feb 9, 2003

I also like the idea of the smaller bottles of Benedryl. I had gotten used to "minimizing" and carrying around the smallest purse possible! Once Dylan was diagnosed I had to go back to a bigger one so it could hold his meds. I wonder if I can get sample bottles of benedryl. Also does anyone know if the tablets work as quickly as the liquid? I know my DH always takes the liquid if he thinks a reaction is coming on, I just always assumed it would work more quickly but maybe I'm wrong.


On Feb 9, 2003

the only fast melt Children's Benadryl tabs I have been able to find here in my area are the "allergy & cold" ones. The side of the box lists two active ingredients:

Diphenhydramine citrate


Pseudoephedrine HCl

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On Feb 13, 2003

Just wanted to say thanks to all who took the time to respond! Great ideas! LDR