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My son is entering 3rd grade this year. We have had a hard time in the past with the school taking us serious. This is the first time I have left a meeting feeling like they get it. I felt like dancing in the parking lot. I used a bit of information from almost all of you especially Kurt we loved your plan. I was organized and calm and it worked. Thanks to all. My son thanks you all.

On Aug 19, 1999

Congratulations Michelle! So glad to hear that you have worked out something at school that you and your family will feel safe with!

On Aug 19, 1999

OH YEAH, I remember getting in my car and putting my head on the steering wheel and breathing a big thank you to the heavens. I needed a lot of help to get started and having been able to help you and yours is just a terrific feeling. Hope each interaction with your school builds on this promising new start, Michelle.