Does anyone know if all Goldfish are still safe except for the peanutbutter one's? Are they made on their own line?

On May 17, 2005

My son has his first reaction to the cheese filled goldfish sandwich crackers. After we had gotten home from the ER, I read the box. There was the infamous "May contain peanuts" warning. Needless to say, they went into the garbage.

On May 17, 2005

We eat the regular and cheese flavor blasted ones all the time with no issues. My pn, tn, and egg allergic daughter loves them.

On May 17, 2005

The last time I checked the new cinnamon ones were cross-contaminated.


On May 17, 2005

I check each time. Since they seem to be coming out with a new goldfish product everytime I blink, I need to make sure that the ones that we usually get are still safe.

Right now we get the regular cheese/ the mini or baby cheese and the rainbow colored ones.