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we have just been told our 6 month old has peanut, dairy and egg allergies. what do we tell friends to do to make it safe at thier houses for our son? very close friends have large parrots and of course keep lots of nuts at their house. another one keeps asking what about walnuts or almonds. they often have mixed nut bag lying around. i just keep trying to tell her he can't be near them cuz we don't know if he'll react to being near them, being touched by someone who's been near them. i don't know what to do. we want to see these friends we used to go over like once a week. but i'm afraid to. any advice is welcome thanks. i really new to this. peanut free 1 week and 3 days and counting

On Aug 26, 2008

Sorry for your diagnosis.... I know it seems that you will never be able to do anything normal again... but you will... The good news is that your son is 6 months old and doesn walk yet or get into things... My DS is peanut allergic but we avoid tree nuts as well ( tested neg) but since tree nuts and peanuts are often processed in the same equipment the cross contamination is likey. ( he outgrew is milk and eff allergy) I would ask your close friends if they could put the nuts " up" when you are there. Ask them to wash thier hands if they have touched nuts before they hold your child.. I would bring food or whatever for him. Ask them to wipe the table off that the nuts were on. Maybe you could invite them opver your house until you are more comforable with the whole thing.. you do develop a comfort zone with this allergy but it takes a while.

good luck