GM foods and the allergic population.

Posted on: Sat, 02/17/2007 - 8:26am
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I think its time we discussed the issue of GM foods.
The UK has had GM food labeling for quite some time.
As a consumer we can avoid GM foods if we wish. One large food store has no GM foods at all.

Please check out the news section of this web site
( i hope thats the correct link!!, its a bit late here, brain a bit tired )
but look/google for Robyn o'Brian's name and web site.

GM food is a big area to think about, however it has been around for some time.
Certainly in the UK GM food growing and producing etc, is strictly regulated. For instance the vast majority of foods are treated to remove any chance of passing on antibiotic resistance. ( still ongoing but will be completed soon)
There is always big scare stories about monster alien food,( who can forget that cartoon , the attack of the killer tomatos!!!) but what if GM food was a GOOD thing?

I certainly dont consider a structed small DNA chain is going to do any real harm allergy wise.
It's not a pure strain of protein, its changed in a way that will make a small element of food change.
Gm foods could be used for a lot of good, but of couse its of more use , money wise for the western world!

As for the soya debate, well soya IS going to cause a problem allergy wise for those with peanut allergy. They are RELATED after all. There is no evidance to suggested that playing around with the structure of that bean is going to create more allergies, or stop them.
Allergies IMO are caused by many other things, and there are far more scary things , allergy wise, ahead of us. Lets think of LUPIN for instance.
This is becoming a huge worry here in the UK and for good reason, already the cases of reactions to lupin in people with out any previous reactions are rising. Here is a direct cause and effect from a food suddenly added to our diet that was previously absent.

I havent heard of one person who has died from a reaction caused by a tomato with the fish gene.
If I am wrong , please post here.

I still think that all consumers have a moral right to know whats in the food they eat, so that they can make free choices.
So every country should be GM labelled.

Please add your opinons and link any studies that you may think are useful in explaining GM foods, and if you think I need educating in this area feel free!

I do consider myself open minded ( more than some ,less than others) and have been trying to educate myself on these Ice protein structures / and GM foods.

So please post, also if you feel strongly and want to support Robyn , pass on her newsletter.


editied ,cant get link working, let alone the correct one at this time of night!!!

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Posted on: Sat, 02/17/2007 - 11:57am
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This is a testy subject. We farm and we do use GM seed. The thing is, people have long hollered about not using chemicals. Well the only way to get a good yield is to either use chemicals (pesticides, etc) or use GM seed that is resistant to bugs to begin with. Farming isn't lucrative to begin with and pricing of commodities is wildly unpredictable.
As far as other types of GM foods-I don't have any knowledge.
mom of three:
one PA and TNA
other two: no known allergies
Living in the US

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