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Hello, all. I am the mother of an 8-yr. old girl allergic to tree nuts (she also avoids peanuts, shellfish and fish on the advice of her allergist.) When she was a toddler, she was mildly allergic to eggs and we carried an epipen for a while. At about age 4, she was tested again for that and checked for other major allergens and cleared for everything. Then one November night when she was six, she ate a piece of apple pie that had walnuts in it. Within about twenty minutes, she was coughing and itching all over her body. By the time I got her to the ER she was wheezing and her entire torso was covered in hives. Fortunately, she did not go into shock and her throat did not close up. (She had had an emergency appendectomy the previous July so it was a pretty awful year.)

Needless to say, life has changed. We both carry epipens wherever we go and we have them with the nurse and in the cafeteria at school (where she eats at a nut-free table) and at afterschool. She is very good about watching what she eats - in fact, has vowed that she will never use the epipen and won't eat anything unless she is certain it is ok. For almost two years, so far so good.

I have been amazed at how helpful and understanding people are about this. The only restaurant we have had a problem with was a D'Angelo's in the mall near our house (of course, we don't eat in Asian restaurants - I miss them!). Friends' parents, teachers and other school personnel, etc., have all been great. (The school department even trained school bus monitors at my request and devised an ID card that all the allergic kids carry with them.) Almost everywhere we go we find other kids or adults with similar allergies - unfortunate but helpful in that she doesn't have to feel quite so isolated.

Although I obviously wouldn't have chosen this for her, it happened at a time when things are looking up for people with food allergies - much more awareness and understanding than I would have expected, treatments in development, new labeling legislation just signed into law at the federal level, etc.

I'm thrilled to have found this site. I just this morning sent my annual membership check to FAAN and thought of including a note suggesting they start a board like this...

------------------ Violetly

On Aug 11, 2004

Welcome Violetly!

Glad to have you aboard. I love this website. It as provided me with so much needed information. You can post things about the tree nut allergy, just put it in the off topic section. My son is also allergic to tree nuts.

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On Aug 11, 2004

Welcome Violetly!

I'm glad you've found this site helpful! And, you're absolutely right, I'm sure it was much more difficult for parents even 3-4 years ago than it is now.

See you around the boards [img][/img]

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On Aug 11, 2004

Welcome Violetly!

You are so right about how much easier things are now! My 10 year old PA DS was formally diagnosed at age 2 1/2, although we pretty much knew for a year before that. Labelling was even worse than it is now, and we had no internet access. Our MD really didn't give us much info, and we made many, many mistakes, which our son suffered for.

This site has helped me immeasurably, and my son has had only 2 reactions (1 airborne, 1 unlabelled cross-contam) since I found it. I too am very, very grateful.

So glad you joined us!