Glad to be here

Posted on: Thu, 07/15/2004 - 7:05am
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I have been reading the posts on this discussion board for easily three months, and had just not gotten around to registering. Now I am a "member"...and want to say thank you to so many of you!!

I have already learned so much from this board...and from some of the experiences that have been shared.

I have two sons, one who is 6yo, and no food allergies. My little one, who is 2 has the peanut allergy.

We found out after he was given a peanut butter cookie the day after he turned one! He got a red hive around his mouth and down his chest. We gave him Benedryl immediately, and took him to the ER. It never (thank God) develpoed into anaphylaxsis, but I have heard that each subsequent reaction could be worse.

We had him tested days afterward (skin test), and he developed a reaction (very large) almost immediately. So we too have to carry an epi pen at all times.

It's so good to have a place to come to vent, commiserate, and not feel wierd.


Posted on: Fri, 07/16/2004 - 5:19am
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Welcome as a member!
Yes, there is a ton of information on this site. I visit and read everyday. I agree that it is wonderful to have a place to vent, commiserate, and NOT FEEL WEIRD! It really is a great comfort to share with those who completely understand and sympathize. [img][/img]
Stay safe!
Terri in the USA

Posted on: Sat, 07/17/2004 - 1:58pm
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Lisa , hi and welcome. Glad you decided to join us. Please feel free to post any questions or comments! Lots of people here to help.


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