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My son Joshua is 2 1/2 and is allergic to all legumes. We realized this early on with the peas and green beans in almost all jars of baby foods. We now know it is also peanuts and worst of all soybeans which are in everything!! We recently took him to an allergist (after a hospital visit for a bee sting reaction)and the allergist prescribed epi-pen jr for emergency use with insects or food. My husband and I are overwhelmed by this and are struggling to find things (especially snack foods) Joshua can and will eat. Joshua is a very thin, pale, blonde, blue-eyed two year old and people always think he is ill. We have been attending a Mommy and me preschool program and I have been saddened by the reaction parents have to his allergy (not to mention his sickly looks). I guess this is probably only the beginning of what we will face when it is time to send him to kindergarten. I am glad I found this site and hope someone will have helpful suggestions for us. Thanks, Cheryl P.S. Joshua was a preemie... is it possible this is a cause for his allergies?

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On Feb 6, 2001

Welcome! I am also glad that you found this site-it is a wonderful group of people with lots of advice and an ear to listen. I only occasionally post but I READ everyones posts almost every day. I also have a 2 1/2 year old little girl (and I mean LITTLE-she is very tiny) who is allergic to peas, peanuts, all nuts, and soy. I know how you feel about trying to find snack foods without all of those ingredients-especially the soy, it is in almost everything! We have even visited a Nutritionist to get advice on what snack foods we should give her that are SAFE! Did your allergist say that he will outgrow his soy allergy? Ours says that in the next year it should be gone-her numbers and reactions have gotten better. We can only hope! Once the initial shock is over after your child is diagnosed with food allergies, you educate yourself and just READ LABELS READ LABELS READ LABELS!! It does get a little easier, or maybe it just becomes second nature so it doesn't seem as hard. Who knows. [img][/img] Good luck! Just remember that no question is a silly question-the people on this board are very helpful!

Shandra (Maddeline's mom)

On Feb 6, 2001

Joshua's Momma, welcome! I'm sure you'll find everything you need on this site - information, support, caring, concern, comfort and compassion. Understanding. I have found all of these things. And I'm sure that you'll also find it helpful so that you and your husband can begin to feel not so overwhelmed.

I just know that it's a really good place to be and I have found it so positive. I can't say that I haven't also found the wealth of information overwhelming at times, but I've also learned how to step back and take in only what I need to deal with my PA son.

Anyway, again, welcome!

Best wishes! [img][/img]