Girls\' Day out in NYC

Posted on: Wed, 01/24/2007 - 2:24am
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Next week, some friends and I are having a girls' day out in NYC. One of my friends has a peanut/treenut allergy and she is very concerned about where/what she can eat. Does anyone have any suggestions to help make this day away from our little ones enjoyable and stress-free? Thanks for any food and/or restaurant suggestions.

Posted on: Wed, 01/24/2007 - 6:11am
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First of all, thank you for being so thoughtful to look out for your friend! It is often hard for those who don't have to deal with a food allergy to understand just how stressful it can be, especially when you are in unfamilar territory.
Unfortunately, I don't have any specific NYC restaurants to recommend (I'm assuming you are talking something besides McD's :-).
However, whichever restaurant you consider, I'd call ahead to the manager and discuss how allergies are handled, and then again when you are at the restaurant.
Also, when you go to the restaurant, your friend could use a "restaurant card" that can be sent to kitchen explaining her allergies. This will get the chef's attention better than verbal instructions. Here is a link with more information on traveling with allergies, including links to free downloads for restaurant cards:
Hope this helps!

Posted on: Wed, 01/24/2007 - 7:43am
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Me and my son are allergic to peanuts and tree nuts and have eaten at Lombardi's and John's thin crust pizzerias in the city with no problems, but always check with them as ingrediants change.
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Posted on: Wed, 01/24/2007 - 9:24am
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I've never been there, but I've heard Carmine's in the theater district is PA friendly. My son also loves Bubba Gump's, but I'm not sure that's what you have in mind for a GNO.
It's wonderful that you've taken the time to come here to help your friend out. [img][/img]

Posted on: Wed, 01/24/2007 - 9:34am
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Thanks so much for the thoughts and suggestions! They are terrific ideas...we actually did talk about Carmines, but we think that it opens at 4pm, but I plan on following up. Anyways, thanks for taking the time to respond. I'll let you know what we decide!!!!

Posted on: Wed, 01/24/2007 - 9:56am
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We've eaten at Carmine's several times with my PA daughter. We did stay away from some of the bread that was baked off premises. They make the foccacia bread, I believe, and that one was okay.
Also, I've been there during lunch time!
I highly recommend the stuffed artichokes, chicken parm and the penne ala vodka! You won't walk away hungry!

Posted on: Wed, 01/24/2007 - 11:08am
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Joined: 04/08/2003 - 09:00 may be a yummy place for desert and tea
more upscale restaurants would be able to accomodate you.

Posted on: Wed, 01/24/2007 - 11:56am
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I go to NYC quite often and love to eat at good restaurants.
Angelo and Maxies (park avenue and either 18th/19th/20th ish area) is an excellent steak house which does not use peanut oil. I eat there every time I go to NY.
Dos Caminos
Patsys is good (Several locations)
DO NOT EAT AT SERAFINA. The pizza has peanut flour.
I've heard Lombardi's has excellent Pizza, not 100% sure of their pizza flour.
Aspen-they serve small plates where each person would order 2-3 plates each.
There is a cute lunch place called BJ's, there's one on the upper east side and one on the upper west side. I have also been to a great sandwich place called Cosi (several locations).
It's difficult to find restaurants that do not use peanut oil.
The following restaurants do use peanut oil: Pastis, Balthazar, Shillers
Just make sure to call ahaead, AND double check when you order with every restaurant you go to, and always speak with a manager.
Have fun!

Posted on: Wed, 01/24/2007 - 12:04pm
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I recall some other safe NY restaurants. Try a search and you may find more.

Posted on: Wed, 01/24/2007 - 10:58pm
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Good Morning! Thanks for more great ideas!!!! I didn't even know there was such thing as peanut flour! Great tips!

Posted on: Fri, 01/26/2007 - 3:23am
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We have a Cosi near us and I have seen it in other locations. Be careful. They use nuts in several of their items.


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