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Hi everyone, My daughter (who does not have any allergies) is selling Girl Scout cookies for the first time. My son has allergies to peanuts and tree nuts. The order form lists clearly the ingredients, the allergy ingredients and whether or not they were manufactured with peanut/tree nut products. Several of the cookies do not list anything with peanuts or tree nuts, so I am assuming they are safe to eat. Do any of you let your PA/TNA child eat them? Thanks.

On Jan 10, 2008

i know a few are safe. we havnt had any in years

On Jan 10, 2008

My son has eaten Thin Mints several times - I thought I remember last year's ingredient listing having "may contains".

On Jan 15, 2008

Last year there were two people selling cookies in our office for their daughters. Interestingly enough, each girl had a different bakery supplier for cookies (if you Google search you'll find it). Depending on the bakery, some were safe and some weren't and it wasn't the same across both bakeries. I think let my daughter have some thin mints and samoas (those coconut ones) as the labels said they were safe (like I said I THINK it was the coconut ones, but don't quote me, those could be sticking out in my mind because she COULDN'T have them). I guess it all comes down to checking the labels.

On Jan 16, 2008

We've never had any problem with them. My PA daughter loves Trefoils (I [i]think [/i]that's the one... it's like a shortbread cookie). Mmmmm... now you've got me craving Thin Mints!

On Jan 21, 2008

My PA daughter is selling girl scout cookies that are made by ABC Bakery and the Thin Mints, Thanks-A-Lots, Lemonades and Cinna-Spins are only list items like soy, milk or wheat and NO may contains. The Caramel Delites and Shortbreads have a "manufactured on the same equipment that processes products containing peanuts" warning. Obviously the others have peanuts in them.

On Jan 22, 2008

I just ordered GS cookies last night from a neighbor. I didn't even see the ones listed that you mention - cinnaspins, lemonaded, thanks-a-lots. The only ones that were "nut-free" and no "may contains" were Thin Mints, Samoas and another small round one with a think layer of chocolate on it (the name escapes me).

We're in upstate NY.

On Jan 23, 2008

You must be under the other bakery...the nation is split up some how..not sure how they decide that...