Girl Scout Cookies

Posted on: Sun, 03/07/1999 - 8:26am
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Does anyone know whether Girl Scout cookies are safe for people with peanut allergies (excluding the peanut butter ones, because they are obviously unsafe)? There's no warning on the label but I just wanted to make sure.

Posted on: Wed, 03/22/2000 - 4:31am
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pGirl Scout Cookies are made by different companies that are contracted by Girl Scouts. The ones here in NC are made by ABC cookie company. The shortbread are made with peanut flour. I brought this up at our local council meeting because as leaders, we teach the girls which cookies contain peanuts in case someone asks. Also, all the literature we received did not mention shortbread. Hopefull, next year the literature will be changed to fit the ingredients. /p
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Posted on: Wed, 03/22/2000 - 11:50am
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pWell that explains why my daughter was able to eat the shortbreads that I bought without any problem! I got nervous after reading Schierman's post and ran in the kitchen to read the box again but it was gone already! (4 kids=empty cookie box)/p

Posted on: Thu, 03/30/2000 - 11:02pm
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p[/b]I am the mother of a Brownie with severe peanut allergy. I recently read your letter to the Peanut Allergy network about the various manufacturers of GS cookies and was wondering, do all of the shortbread cookies have peanut flour in them? Is there a way that I may find our which manufacturers make cookies for which regions of the US and their ingredients? I would like to know particularly about the South Baton Rouge Louisiana area. I was told that the cookies were safe but, being as paranoid as I am, I would like to know for sure. /p
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Posted on: Sat, 04/01/2000 - 8:58am
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pMy box does not say anything about peanut flour or made on shared equipment. Does it say it on yours? The company that makes it is Little Brownie Bakers and lists two cities, Marietta, Ga. and another that I've forgotten. I haven't given any to my son yet but bought them because I thought they'd be safe for him./p

Posted on: Wed, 04/12/2000 - 10:28am
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pI live in Nova Scotia, Canada. The chocolate mint cookies that were sold last fall here had a peanut warning. Beware!/p

Posted on: Sat, 06/17/2000 - 12:55pm
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pHere in North Carolina, it is only the shortbread which has the warning. I checked the others. If you call your local council office listed under Girl Scouts in the phone book, they should be able to get you information on the local bakerys. Because the manufacturers are different, there will be different processing methods. This drives me crazy. Also, to moms with Girl Scouts who are allergic to careful about letting your daughters load and unload the boxes. I have seen cookie crumbs on the outside of the boxes and three of our brands contain peanuts. I believe in having the entire troop involved in troop activities but I try to find jobs for my allergic girls that have nothing to do with handling the boxes. They can add totals on the cookie forms, they can make posters, they can organize pick up, etc. There are always things to do that do not have anything to do with handling boxes of cookies./p
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Tammy Lynn/p
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Posted on: Fri, 06/23/2000 - 3:35am
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pMy mother recently purchased some Girl Guide cookies. She said she was going to bring them over for the kids. I was hesitant at first because I knew that they had previously sold peanut butter girl guide cookies. I had my Mom read the label to me and they were manufactured by Christie's and there was no warning. Christie's is one of the Canadian manufacturers that is very clear in their labelling. My kids got the cookies and they were fine. I believe I posted this info. on another thread. Christie's is in Ontario and I believe owned by American Nabisco. I've found them very good./p

Posted on: Sun, 04/23/2000 - 3:37pm
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phi. [img][/img] you might want to include the bakery location for that particular box. GSUSA uses several different bakeries for their cookies. Each one *might* utilize different methods, policies, etc./p

Posted on: Fri, 03/03/2000 - 1:58am
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pI haven't purchased Girl Scout Cookies for many years, but I was wondering if there is a cross contamination laber on the ingredients....even on Thin Mints?/p

Posted on: Fri, 03/03/2000 - 7:16am
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pCanadian Girl guides and Scout cookies are made by Nabisco, in Ontario, last time I checked. The chocolate cookies, stuffed in the middle, had an accurate warning. So did the vanilla, with white stuffing. I miss those cookies./p


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